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Void properties (or empty properties) may be left in a less than ideal condition once tenants have left. Sometimes the previous occupants may not have had time to tidy or clean before moving out. Before reselling or letting a property, it is essential to carry out cleaning of bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens and living areas to remove dirt and unpleasant staining by human waste, grease or other accidents.

AMES’ House Clearance Guarantees

  • Honest, upfront, volume-based pricing
  • Trading Standards approved
  • Clear, transparent itemised valuation and invoicing
  • Discreet, efficient and fast staff

Discreet, Professional Service

clearance birminghamHere at AMES, we make it our personal aim to ensure our clients’ belongings are cleared in a manner which causes as little disruption or stress possible. We understand that every client is different and has different ways about house clearance. That’s why our team at AMES will have a brief but thorough discussion regarding what you want your property to look like after our service.

We’re always trying to break new grounds when it comes to efficient house clearing. That’s why we will do our utmost to work around you, so that we cause as little disruption to your day-to-day life as possible.

Landlords Property Cleaning

AMES clear void houses safely and efficientlyUsually thorough cleaning and sanitising are enough to allow a property to be let again, although it can be time consuming for the owner and requires a selection of effective solutions, tools and know-how to leave premises completely clean. AMES provide a quick, efficient and professional commercial cleaning service. Using AMES residential / commercial property cleaning service between lets, saves you money and reduces your turn-around times. Improving the quality of your let and the satisfaction of incoming tenants while reducing your overheads, AMES is the clear choice for empty house or void house cleaning. Sometimes carpets and upholstery may have been more heavily soiled.

Removing Harmful Waste (Drugs & Squat Removals)

We also carry out drug paraphernalia and squat removals.

Safe and conscientious cleaning and disposal is essential when removing bio-hazards without risking the further spread of diseases or contaminants. AMES carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and surface cleaning can result in a ‘good as new’ result cosmetically as well as making the affected space safe again.

Needle Collection & Cleaning

voidhouse41247068977-280x280If the previous occupants were drug users, clearing away waste and contaminants holds even greater risks for the casual cleaner. ‘Sharps’ such as syringes and metal, glass or plastic drug paraphernalia are not only breeding grounds for germs, but may also cause injury to the cleaner allowing diseases and contaminants to enter their body and risk their health.

Our certified cleaners are properly trained to use the most effective equipment and procedures to remove infected materials while protecting people and business from dangerous materials.

We only uses certified bio-hazard disposal companies to process, recycle or destroy all soiled materials in accordance with the UK’s stringent legislation on bio hazard treatment and disposal.

Professional House Clearance with AMES

house clearance serviceAs well as professional cleaning and property sanitising, AMES offer void property and empty house clearance services.

Any unwanted household materials, furniture, equipment, appliances or junk are quickly and safely removed.

We aim to exceed legal waste operator requirements, removing and shipping house contents safely and securely and moving any hazardous materials under the most rigorous containment specifications.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental House Clearance

house cleaning AMES takes it’s role as a waste handler extremely seriously, but our sense of responsibility doesn’t end there. Items removed from a property are disposed of using registered environmental agency companies. All non-hazardous recyclable materials are separated from other debris and are sent for reprocessing. Our insistence on going the extra mile is just one of the unique selling points which sets AMES apart from the closest competitors. Our reliably high service-level speaks for itself.

We Guarantee You’ll Leave Satisfied with our House Clearance Service

Here at AMES, our main mission is customer satisfaction. It is our absolute intention to exceed our clients’ expectations, both as a company and as a public service. From your initial enquiry, through to our finished service, our team will always be on-hand if you have any questions, alterations or general comments you’d like to make during our service.

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