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Here at Ames, we help customers throughout Birmingham and the Midlands with our tree removal services. Whether you require tree felling, stump removal or tree disposal, we can remove trees from your grounds effectively and without undue disturbance – no matter the size of the tree!

The Importance of Tree Removal Services

Trees are a beautiful addition to any property and can transform a landscape. However, there are instances where tree removal is necessary as the tree is damaged beyond repair, has contracted a disease, is suffering old age or is damaging your property. Whatever the reason, if you’ve got a potentially hazardous tree in your yard, it is essential you have it professionally removed.

AMES tree removals, nuisance timber felled and removedTree Removal with Ames

Removing a tree from your property should not be attempted by an amateur. It is a dangerous job that must only be carried out by experienced professionals. Some trees weigh several tons and, if felled incorrectly, they may cause damage to nearby properties or potentially injure people.

There are numerous methods used by Ames to fell a tree but we will always select the safest method after analysing your property, the state of the tree and any safety considerations. When tree felling, weight distribution is essential and our experienced tree felling professionals will remove your tree with as little disturbance to the surroundings as possible.

Tree Pruning

It may be that your tree does not need to be removed from your property. Having trees in your garden can boost the value of your property and the aesthetics of your garden. However, your tree may require some maintenance to ensure it stays fit and healthy. To help maintain your tree, instead of completely removing it, our team at Ames offer tree pruning services to remove any broken or damaged branches that may fall and seriously injure someone. A tree may need pruning for a variety of reasons:

  • To remove diseased or storm damaged branches
  • To remove obstructing branches
  • To promote new growth and improve air circulation
  • To shape a tree
  • To reduce the height of a tree.

Tree Stump RemovalTree stump removal AMES specialise in stump disposal

Once our team at Ames have successfully felled your tree, you will be left with a stump. Tree stumps can cause difficulty in gardens as they can attract rodents and insects. However, there is no need to worry as our expert team will remove your tree stump for you, leaving your ground completely clear. At Ames, we don’t just remove your tree but we also remove the tree stump and roots to ensure your tree is gone for good.

We Understand Tree Decay

It may not be immediately obvious whether your tree has any problems as your tree may be suffering from rot. This occurs inside the tree and works its way out, damaging the structural integrity. Trees that are decaying can fall without any warning, posing a serious risk to people and properties. At Ames, we have the knowledge and experience to examine your tree and decipher if it is indeed suffering from rot, in which case we will proceed to safely remove it from your property.

Tree Removal Costs

The cost of our tree removal services in Birmingham and the Midlands are lower than you think! Removing your tree is certainly a more cost-effective solution that trying to manage everything yourself without the right experience or tools to fell the tree. If you book your tree removal with Ames, we can help fell your tree, remove the branches, stumps and roots completely and leave your property completely clear of trees. There is no need to pay for everything separately, our services cover it all. Prices depend on individual circumstances.

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If live in the Midlands or Birmingham and you need tree services of any kind, it is advisable to talk to the professionals at Ames. With many years working with working all varieties of trees, we can advise you on the best alternative and take care of all your tree requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Call Ames today!

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