Sanitary and Nappy Waste Disposal & Collection

nappyBinAMES Environmental Services offer scheduled and ad-hoc hygienic disposal of nappy waste from nurseries, playgroups and residential homes.

Sanitary Bin Waste Collection
sanitary-binsWe collect sanitary bin waste quickly, hygienically and without disruption to your office, industrial, public sector, education or leisure and hospitality premises.   A range of bins can be provided such as the coloured or chrome ones shown in the images.

Sanitary Waste
Sanitary waste collection from hospitals, clinics and nursing homes exceeds health and safety requirements and is undertaken by professional and responsible staff. All of our systems for hospitals, nursing homes, children’s nurseries, etc are designed to be discrete and professional. From collection through to disposal, our service is fully traceable and only handled by qualified waste handling professionals with a strict code of conduct.

  • Soft Play Centres & Leisure Facilities
  • Schools
  • Retail Premises and Service Stations Baby Changing Facilities
  • Restaurants and Shopping Centres
  • Health Centres, Surgeries, Medical Facilities & Hospitals
  • Play Schools
  • Nursing & Residential Care Homes

Offensive Waste
AMES sanitary bins are smart, affordable and stylishAMES is experienced in the safe handling of offensive waste.

1ladybin_automatic_model1258131902Read more here.



With a disposable nappy and hospital hygiene waste recycling site now open in West Bromwich, West Midlands and other sites planned for the UK, the demand for recycling of absorbent materials from children’s nurseries, hospitals and clinics is likely to increase further. More information is available on the facility here on this news item about disposable nappies from children’s nurseries and hospital hygiene waste recycling.

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