Professional Refuse Collection

AMES commercial refuse collection services keep things running smoothly for your business, especially when refuse storage space is at a premium. As well as a reliable refuse service as you’d expect from a waste removal company, you can rest assured that we aren’t sending any more of your waste to landfill than absolutely necessary.

AMES refuse disposal service ensures that anything which can be recycled will be
AMES refuse collections for commercial premises only
AMES commercial and industrial refuse collection and waste disposal service

AMES offer waste recycling UK wide in major towns and cities such as Birmingham, London, Leeds and Manchester. We specialise in collection and disposal of waste from council offices, private businesses, municipal and public buildings, restaurants, hotels and other commercial and industrial businesses. AMES has a fleet of refuse collection vehicles which are mobilised at regular scheduled intervals to keep your refuse needs serviced.

Refuse Collection Couldn’t be Easier!

Of course, we collect and transport your refuse observing standards and legislation set by the government and trade organisations. However we also go beyond legal requirements carrying out waste recycling with every bit of recoverable material that we collect.

Our regular refuse collection often contains waste paper, plastic and metals as well as waste food, solid waste, commercial and industrial waste and items actually made from previously recycled waste. Our registered waste disposal agents sort refuse prior to disposal and send all recyclable items to recognised recycling centres.

Efficient Service, Great Prices

Here at AMES, we understand that our clients are always looking for the best deals they can find. Not only is our service at AMES efficient, but our prices reflect our hard work. Of course, there will always be a cheaper service available, however with AMES, you can guarantee brilliant service and competitive rates. For more information on our price guidelines, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly members of staff. Alternatively, you can call us on 0330 404 3391.

Different Types of Refuse Collection

Our 3 AMES guarantees:

  • Safe, reliable, eco-friendly waste collection
  • Swift collection and recycling services
  • A full range of containers, including wheelie bins, large containers and skips

No matter how big or small your business or property is, we’re happy to provide our services.

AMES offers a number of containers to meet your waste production needs and your available space. From wheelie bins to large containers, we will do our utmost to ensure you receive the service you deserve.

With AMES, you can rest assured your refuse collection will be handled in both a professional and efficient manner. We take great care over our waste disposal, ensuring that we dispose of your waste in the most environmentally-friendly was possible and generally minimising our impact on the environment.

Why You Should be Using Wheelie Bins!

At AMES, we’re trying to educate our clients on how they can make their refuse collection and waste removal flow smoothly. Wheelie bins are a must-have in order for your refuse collection to be fully effective.

Wheelie bins help you by:

  • gives you an area store your refuse between collections
  • they’re easily movable!
  • they make collections easier – simply leave your bin by the pavement for collection, you don’t have to remember to put your bags out for the right day

They help the city by:

  • keeping the streets clean – your bin bags are not split open by animals such as seagulls and foxes
  • making the pavements accessible and free from obstructions

They also help our collection crews by:

  • making collections quicker and easier – this saves tax payers’ money
  • making collections safer – staff don’t have to handle bags which could have hazardous items in them

What You Can Put in Wheelie Bins

While we look after your refuse collection, we believe that helping our clients understand what can and cannot be put inside your wheelie bin will make our service more effective and eliminate the risk of complications.

Wheelie bins are for household rubbish, such as food packaging, kitchen roll, waste paper etc. It is likely that your rubbish will not be collected if it contains anything that is not household waste.

Such items include:

  • TVs
  • Clothes
  • Computers
  • Hardrives (batteries)

If you have been putting these in your bins, now is the time to stop! Not only may you be refused collection but it’s likely you’ll be damaging the environment, something that no one wants to do in the current ecological climate!

If you are looking for somewhere to dispose of this waste, trying taking it to one of the following:

  • take it to a recycling centre
  • recycle it in one of your local recycling points across the city
  • arrange for it to be collected by a bespoke collection service

If you have any questions about how to best dispose of your waste, our team here at AMES will be happy to help! Get in touch today here, or feel free to call us on 0330 404 3391.

Contact AMES for Professional Refuse Collection

Our team here at AMES are always looking to pass-on advice about refuse collection and waste in general. So, if you’re situated in Birmingham and you’re looking for a professional, efficient and swift refuse collection, why not get in touch today? Our team are here for both friendly advice and to discuss how best to arrange your refuse collection.

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