Graffiti Removal And Anti Graffiti Systems

AMES graffiti removal service makes your buildings presentable in no timeAMES can carry out graffiti removal on all types of commercial buildings, public buildings, brickwork, public transport and street furniture. Clients who benefit from this service include utilities and media companies, supermarkets, commercial lettings and property management companies, car parks, councils, SME businesses, independent stores and retail outlets, housing associations, listed buildings, public transport operators and a range of blue chip clients. Our graffiti remover service makes use of water jetting and specialist cleaning chemicals. Our unique graffiti wash system often astounds clients with the speed and degree of its effectiveness. Graffiti Wash is ideal as a spray paint remover and in various street cleaning applications, including the graffiti cleaning of street furniture, bus shelters and brickwork.

Specialist External Cleaning of Listed Buildings

At AMES we are experienced in restoring beautiful architecture which has been vandalised through graffiti. This involves the appropriate use of water jetting and chemicals by experienced cleaning technicians who understand the sensitive nature of the brickwork being worked on. Many period buildings in Birmingham City Centre have been cleaned and restored to their former glory. Clients have included museums and art galleries. This specialist service is available to any organisation requiring brick cleaning or graffiti cleaning on their building masonry across the UK.

Graffiti Prevention – Anti Graffiti Paint Protection & Anti Graffiti Coatings

Anti graffiti systems and coatings by AMES stop graffiti before it can bond with the materials of your premisesAMES can apply a range of highly effective graffiti prevention applications to buildings, brickwork, equipment housings, street furniture, landmarks and sculptures. These processes include the application of anti graffiti paint and specialist anti graffiti coatings.

Utility Cabinets

AMES provides graffiti removal and prevention for utilities companies, media groups and telecommunications companies. This includes the application of a silicone based coating to utility cabinets and other sites and equipment housing which requires protection from vandalism. This anti graffiti coating causes paint and marker pen pigments to bead. The protective coating prevents the paint or pen ink from gaining purchase on the protected item, including normally porous surfaces. This stops graffiti from ‘adhering’ and discourages repeat offenders.

Graffiti Removal Products

If you wish to purchase your own products to encourage graffiti abatement then we are able to provide graffiti prevention and removal chemicals. Our graffiti wash product can be applied to brickwork in order to remove offending spray paint. Graffiti removal kits come with straightforward instructions. We will be happy to advise you if a self-service is applicable or whether you would be advised to make use of our professional anti-graffiti technicians.


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