Environmental Services

filthy houseFilthy & Vermin House Removals

If your property has fallen into a state of extreme disrepair or is infested by vermin or other unwanted agents, AMES are the team you need.

Safely removing invasive creatures, faeces and other detritus is a specialist job with risks that amateurs are simply not prepared for.

All House Cleans

Deep cleaning houses to remove all dirt, contaminants, mould or other toxic agents is difficult work, but an area in which AMES excel.  We recommend using professionals for several reasons, not least because working effectively requires specialist apparel, treatments and knowledge.

img_43171306231135All Garden Work

Land clearance leaves the grounds of your property or premises free from excessive overgrowth, hazardous botanical growth, dangerous materials and chemicals and junk.

If you need to take control of your grounds, get in touch with us today.

Tree Removals

We are the experts in the removal of unwanted trees on your property.  Perhaps the tree is in a dangerous condition , likely to fall damaging property or the health of nearby staff or inhabitants.  Often the tree is simply blocking out light or spoiling a view.  There may be a risk of subsidence or heave if the tree is left in place near a construction.  Whatever the reason, give AMES a call and let us take care of your problem tree.

clinical water systemsLegionella Control Specialists

Dental clinics, leisure facilities and a host of other services which require the use of water systems (including extensive air-conditioning systems) require proper inspection and evaluation to ensure that these remain free of legionella contamination.

Failure to ensure commercial water systems remain free of contagion can affect the health of staff as well as patients and will also breach your legal requirements.

Graffiti Protection Systems

We offer a range of treatments to prevent graffiti.  Services range from anti-vandal paint which can cheaply be removed and replaced to paint which makes it harder for intruders to gain access.

AMES provide the products you need to keep your facilities free of unsightly vandalism.

unwanted graffitiGraffiti Removal

As well as a great range of anti-graffiti products, we offer an unbeaten graffiti removal service.  Using trained staff with the right equipment and chemicals chosen for their environmental friendliness, we can effectively remove all signs of vandalism.

Drug Paraphernalia Removal & Squats Cleaning

Property affected by drug use can be littered with broken glass, metal, chemicals and worst of all, infected needles.  Having your skin broken by contaminated sharps can leave an untrained operative with a life-threatening virus or blood poisoning.

Why take the risk?  AMES trained and well-equipped operatives can leave your property clean and free of unwanted equipment and hazards.

void house removalsVoid Household Removal

Whatever the reason that the previous tenants had to leave your premises, we can entirely remove unwanted possessions, paraphernalia, waste and contamination safely, discretely and without fuss.

Rubbish Removals

You need look no further for a commercial waste removal partner.  We have access to a well distributed network of waste collection and disposal plant and personnel.

Whatever frequency, quantities and type of rubbish that you need removed we can service your rubbish removal requirements.

Factory Clearances and Commercial Waste Collection

AMES have a long history of working with large commercial and industrial premises and our clearance and waste collection service is efficient and accomplished.  Regardless of the extent of your factory and its plant or unwanted materials, we can quickly arrange for removal.  Whether you want the factory taken back to an empty shell or simply need to get rid of an array of heavy equipment or rubbish, contact us for a complete service.

Whatever the size of your business or council, we are aware that the green spend is worth a great deal of money.  We have an array of suggestions which we think will serve your business as well as it boosts your credentials.