Drug Paraphernalia & Squats Removals

drugparaphenalia-280x280Evicting unwanted tenants from a squat can be a stressful experience for a property owner or business.

Unfortunately once you have control of your property again you might expect it to be far from pristine. Waste strewn squats are notoriously difficult to clear and clean.

Damaged property and furniture, soiled surfaces, carpets and floors plus left behind junk, litter and drug paraphernalia are all common for a repossessed squat.

Where drug use has been a problem, needle disposal is also a common requirement.

AMES needle collection service is discrete, safe and efficient whether your needs are routine or occasional.

Hazardous Materials Cleaning
AMES thoroughly cleanse bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, lounge and reception rooms to remove dirt, staining and hazardous materials. Bodily fluid spills, faeces, human and animal waste, urine, vomit, sweat, semen, blood and food/drink deposits are not only unpleasant, but may also be dangerous.

Materials may well be contaminated with infections and diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, TB (tuberculosis), scabies, fleas, mites, cockroaches and other pathogens. Safe and conscientious cleaning and disposal is essential when removing bio-hazards without risking the further spread of diseases or contaminants.

AMES carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and surface cleaning can result in a ‘good as new’ result cosmetically as well as making your property safe once more.

Needle Collection - Birmingham & Midlands Region

Where the squat had been turned into a drug den, or if previous occupants were drug users, clearing away waste and contaminants can carry a degree of risk for casual cleaners working without appropriate protection or cleaning/disinfecting agents. Needle collection services are carried out by our specialist environmental services team. ‘Sharps’ such as syringes and metal, glass or plastic drug paraphernalia are not only breeding grounds for germs, but may also cause injury to the cleaner allowing diseases and contaminants to enter their body and risk their health.

Some hazardous substances can cause contact infection without even breaking the skin. AMES certified cleaners are properly trained to clean and sanitise using the most effective equipment and procedures. Our staff remove waste materials while protecting people and business from their effects. AMES only uses certified bio-hazard disposal companies to process, recycle or destroy all soiled materials in accordance with the UK’s stringent legislation on bio-hazard treatment and disposal.

Void Property Cleaning
Drug dens and squats discretely made safe and cleared by AMESSquats often contain a lot of junk or detritus which naturally you will want removed. AMES discretely clears out unwanted materials, furniture, equipment, appliances or junk without fuss. Removing and disposing of unwanted items safely and securely, we move hazardous materials in safe vehicles which are purpose built and marked clearly.

Our work is carried out to meet current bio-hazard and waste processor legislation and where possible, we aim to exceed the required standard.

If you need us to remove an infestation of rodents, birds, insects or other environmental pest which has been allowed to flourish in a squat, AMES are pest control specialists. Fumigation of a property is also available to solve systemic infestations. Please contact us with your requirements for more details or an estimate of costs.

AMES services are also available for crime scene cleansing or cleaning after a death in your property. Smoke, fire and flood damage can also be cleaned and repaired by our specialist staff.

environmentalResponsibilityEnvironmental Responsibility

AMES takes its role as a waste handler extremely seriously, but our sense of responsibility doesn’t end there. Items removed from a property are disposed of using registered environmental agency companies. Removed items are sorted and sent for reprocessing.

Our desire to go the extra mile is one of the reasons that AMES gains repeat business year on year. Contact us now to tell us your requirements.

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