Cleaning Contracts Birmingham

Any business with premises and staff to care for can benefit from AMES contract cleaning services. Contract cleaning is the simplest way to make sure your working environment stays clean and fresh. Whether your premises are client facing, business to business or used by company staff only, an AMES office cleaning contract will keep things clean and tidy which means happier staff and a positive image to any visitors you might have. A clean and efficient office also makes surprise visits by clients or senior staff less stressful.

AMES contract cleaning – UK wide – offers an uncompromising service-level at very attractive prices. The cleaning and upkeep of your carpets, flooring and furniture and agreed equipment is one of our specialties and an area in which we can boast a high degree of repeat business. We have many satisfied customers who have maintained commercial cleaning contracts with us year in, year out. Our consistent service, reliability and pride in our staff means that you can be sure we’ll stay on top of your office hygiene while you take care of business.

Cleaning in Birmingham

While we do offer our cleaning services throughout the UK – we’re proud to represent the city of Birmingham, the birthplace of AMES! Our dedicated staff are trained to tackle both little and large company properties and take pride in ensuring that we meet the high stands and expectations of our clients. We have served numerous clients over the course of our 25 year service and our client tally in Birmingham keeps rising every year.

Why Choose Us?

At AMES, we make it our aim to ensure that we don’t disrupt the working environment in which you’re situated in. Our working hours fall between 6pm-8am, however we shall do our utmost to work around the times which suit you and your company.

Fantastic Cleaning Service in Birmingham

Our aim is to offer you unrivaled service and we’ve yet to ever have a complaint regarding our cleaning services. If you find that other companies have let you down, i.e., the cleaner has not turned up or you have been left dissatisfied with your cleaning service, we’re here to help. Our staff are clinical, efficient and fast. While we do pride ourselves on our swift efficiency, this does not come at the cost of inadequate work ethic. Our team guarantee that every time they enter your property, it is left looking immaculate.

Cleaning Problems in Birmingham

We have tackled some pretty dirty offices in our 25 years of working! No matter what the company, or cleaning service required, our team are fully capable of handling it. We’ve experienced many office parties during our time and we have absolutely no problem ensuring that your office looks immaculate the next day.

If you require any bespoke cleaning services, or if there are certain areas or rooms you’d like to give special mention to, our team are here to help. We understand that every office has their own area etiquette and we shall respect that. So, if there are any specific instructions that you want to make clear, please do inform our team and they will willingly abide.

We Can Help Anywhere In The UK

AMES offer contract cleaning in cities including Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, and across all counties from Yorkshire to Surrey. We are always pleased to tender for your contract cleaning work, so please get in touch with your requirements now.



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