Sanitary Bins & Nappy Bins

sanitary-binsAMES supply a variety of sanitary products and services to workplaces, bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, shops, offices and all types of washrooms and commercial premises. We provide affordable, discreet and durable sanitary bins as part of our feminine hygiene supply service.

Nappy bins for baby changing facilities are also available. If you require sanitary towel dispensers or stock of other sanitary-wear, we are happy to supply you with the equipment and refills that you require. Sanitary bag dispensers are specifically designed to deliver safe, clean disposal of all types of sanitary ware.

Our Ranges Of Sanitary Bins Bring The Following Benefits:

  • Innovative reversible covers make location in cubicles easy
  • Designed to minimise dirt traps
  • Foot pedals or Electronic no-touch models allow hand-free operation
  • Protects against soiling
  • Germicidal powder sachets inhibit microbial growth
  • Prevent offensive odours
  • In various sizes depending on your needs, incl 23 litres and 15 litres
  • Available in white, grey, black & brushed chrome or black & bright chrome.
  • Servicing, waste collection and maintenance services are also available from AMES.

Nappy Bins & Baby Changing Units

nappyBinBusinesses and public buildings are also becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of providing baby changing facilities to customers and staff. Keeping clients on-site and comfortable makes business sense and having baby changing facilities mean that other areas don’t get obstructed unnecessarily. AMES can provide you with low cost nappy bins, nappy dispensers and refills.

Sanitary Waste Disposal & Nappy Waste Collection Services

washroomBinsOf course, AMES also provide professional waste disposal services. We regularly remove your sanitary waste and install fresh liners to keep things running smoothly.

Nappy waste can be collected from children’s nurseries and day care centres, department stores, retail outlets, food courts, restaurants and shopping centres, hospitals and schools.

Sanitary and incontinence waste can be collected from residential care homes and hospitals. You can be sure that your waste removal technician will arrive smartly dressed and will be discrete and efficient in carrying out your sanitary and clinical waste servicing and disposal.

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