Hand Dryers Supplied & Installed UK-wide

If you are looking for an efficient hand dryer, you need look no further. Our electric hand dryers use efficient motors and work quickly and quietly to provide the most sanitary solution to wash-room and toilet drying. Using an electric hand dryer means that your clients come into less contact with common surfaces which might harbour germs.

Automatic hand dryers also reduce the need for stock purchasing and storage as fewer hand towels are required on a day to day basis. Our hand driers are efficient to run as well as extremely hard wearing. As well as air hand dryers, we also stock paper towel and roller towel systems which are particularly convenient for toilets without power.




Washroom hand dryers are undoubtedly an asset to any businesses washroom and sanitary areas and suit any washing area where electricity may be installed to the hand drier. Hand driers may also be used in conjunction with hand towel dispensers or roller towels, offering your patrons a choice of hand drying methods.

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