Commercial Fly Screens

flyscreenFly screens allow windows to remain open during warm weather or to provide welcome ventilation whilst the work or food preparation area is protected from flies and flying insects.

AMES fly screen survey service includes a free site visit to your business premises with guarantees on all fly screens installed. Screens are installed with the minimum of disruption to your business practices, with screens factory-made to prevent onsite disruptions. Competent and experienced installation engineers can fit fly screens in simple and complex scenarios to an extremely high standard. Metal frames provide strength and durability whilst fire retardant coatings create peace of mind and ensure your business adheres to and exceeds safety standards.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The fly screens supplied and installed by AMES are selected for designs which allow easy cleaning and allow minimal dirt entrapment. They can easily be removed for cleaning to comply with Food Safety Regulations. Maintenance schedules, services and guarantees can be provided for ongoing peace of mind.

Fly Screen Doors and types of Screens


flyScreens-fHinged fly screens are made with a polyester powder coated aluminium frame. This is covered with a fire retardant PVC coated fibreglass mesh. The pliable rubber gasket which holds the mesh in place is designed to keep the mesh secure and taut. Screens are kept in place by retaining clips and can easily be removed to aid cleaning. These are ideal to cover windows etc.

The Sliding Screen (Fly Screen)

Two or three polyester coated aluminium fly screens each move independently of each other. They rest in the sliding channel of the framework. This system allows for easy movement and access to windows.

The Centre Pivot Fly Screen

The window pivots in the centre, providing a window screen in two sections, one internal and one external. The fly proof seal is completed by a 45 degree angles brush-strip.

Box Fly Screens

fly screensComplex window designs such as Louvre windows can still be protected from flies. A bespoke aluminium box can be made to ensure that the window can still remain open with the screen in place.

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