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AMES supply and install baby changing stations, for infant changing facilities in all types of commercial premises. Our range of units includes horizontal baby changing stations and vertical folding baby changing tables. Vertical changing tables can be a great help if space in baby changing facilities is limited. We can also source and supply special needs changing tables for leisure facilities, schools, hospitals and all types of business premises. For more information please call us today on 0800 197 1650.

The Right Baby Changing Facilities For Your Business

To help your business achieve extra customer satisfaction we are able to help advise you on the best layout of equipment in your commercial baby changing facilities. Organisations which benefit from this include department stores, shops, restaurants, public houses, cafes, coffee shops, petrol stations
and service stations, nurseries, public sector buildings and libraries.
We can advise on making the best use of the space you have available with equipment laid out with your customers in mind. Things your customers will appreciate are:

  • AMES nappy bins for hygienic disposal of nappies and feminine sanitary productsBaby changing equipment laid out where hygienic nappy bins are within close reach of the changing unit
  • A safety restraint on the commercial baby changing units which the parent has confidence in
  • Convenient lay-out and a safe environment to assist parents who have more than one child inside the baby changing room
  • Nappy and Baby wipes dispensers in the baby changing facilities with reasonable prices, in case parents have run out or left them at home
  • Rolls of disposable hygiene sheets to put underneath their child
  • Changing units made from materials which are easy for staff to keep clean, maintaining a welcoming and reassuringly clean environment for parents to change their baby in

AMES are able to provide complementing dispensing equipment including commercial baby wipe dispenser machines which can create additional revenue streams for your business whilst also providing a valuable service for your customers. Hotels and other facilities wishing to provide complimentary baby wipes etc may also wish us to provide non-coin operated nappy and baby wipes dispensers in attractive styles to suit their surroundings.

As mobile internet searches continue to become more popular, people will be searching whilst ‘on the move’ and choosing businesses with convenient facilities, such as baby changing units. People are increasingly able to search for places to meet, eat and drink etc whilst specifying essential facilities in their internet search.

Cleaning Baby Changing Facilities

As part of AMES integrated environmental services, we can provide regular, thorough cleaning to an extremely high standard.

Hygienic Nappy Waste Collection

We are also able to provide safe, regular collections of clinical waste including nappies waste for department stores, nurseries, hospitals etc. For more information please see our Clinical and Medical Waste Disposal page.

We would be happy to answer any questions regarding the supply or installation of commercial baby changing equipment. For more information please call us on free phone 0800 197 1650. Generally we operate within a 100 mile radius of Birmingham, however full integrated environmental services packages including pest control and washroom hygiene are available across the UK.


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