Auto Sanitizers for Urinals

auto sanitizing urinals ames groupAMES are able to provide a range of urinal sanitising systems for washrooms situated in commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, office premises, public toilets and public sector buildings. These essential systems enable cost-effective hygienic cleaning for staff and customers, which are reliable and relatively maintenance-free.

Water Management Systems

Having auto-sanitizers or flush management systems fitted in washrooms can reduce water consumption by removing unnecessary flushing of urinals. These can save as much as 80% in terms of water usage.

The system is very effective as a WC or urinal cleaner. The auto sanitizers reduce uric salt and the build up of lime scale. Bacterial growth and cross infection risks are also reduced. Systems are built to assist in odour control within the bowl, fixture, traps and pipes.

Organic and inorganic deposits on urinals and WC’s are reduced. This helps prevent odours, blockages and increases hygiene levels. Our Sani Sleeve system addresses all common urinal problems. Sani sleeve can reduce operating costs, improve hygiene and enhance urinal appearance.

Waterless Urinals - Managing Environmental Impact
As many blue chip clients and council departments have set targets in terms of creating environmentally sustainable buildings and facilities, we are able to source and supply waterless urinals, which as their name suggests does not require water resources in order to remain hygienically clean. This is partly due to the unique design of the urinal bowl and pipe work. Making use of technology such as air flow means that water is not necessary in the ongoing cleaning process. The system ensures urinals are completely sanitised.

Integrated Environmental Services

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As you will see from the various services detailed on this website, AMES are experienced at providing environmental services for all aspects of your business from washroom hygiene to pest control and graffiti cleaning and prevention. To discuss how we can integrate seamlessly with your business through regular on-site managed services, please contact us today.

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