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airFreshenersAMES supply a variety of commercial washroom hygiene and comfort products such as our automatic air freshener, air sanitising and air freshener dispenser for odour control.

Keeping your washrooms fragrant is a breeze with our high quality low cost air fresheners.

The automatic air freshener spray contains a choice of high potency aromatics (and odour neutralisers) usually available in variety packs or single perfumes.

The standard sized refills are long lasting and get rid of unpleasant odours making your toilet, bathroom and wash-rooms smell inviting and sanitary.

As well as standard fragrances, our electronic air fresheners can dispense fly spray with odour neutraliser to control pests in the public areas, waiting rooms, toilets and washrooms.

Set to release a pleasant fragrance at programmable intervals or during day or night time only, the automatic air freshener dispenser can be controlled by the incorporated light sensor.

AmesOur battery powered auto air freshener is very efficient with batteries often lasting for double the life of less flexible models which dispense both day and night regardless of footfall.

While you can rent air freshener systems, the units we sell are very reliable. We recommend that you save money and hassle by purchasing our commercial air fresheners rather than renting.

On a standard interval setting, the benefit of scented air in your washroom areas could cost you as little as £1 a month.

We are also pleased to announce the availability of an exciting new product, the Ozone Generator. This innovative product refreshes the area by cleaning the air. It destroys harmful micro-organisms and breaks down unpleasant odours. They are ideal for any workplace.

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