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AMESRegardless of whether you are trying to get rid of flies, fleas or airborne pests, are looking for an effective ultrasonic pest repellent or a humane mouse trap we are able to provide a range of pest control products designed to be used by the consumer. We are a Birmingham based pest control agency and we take a responsible attitude towards the supply and handling of pest control products and if your request for an item requires the involvement of an experienced pest controller to handle or install specific products safely, then we will advise you on the best options available to you.

These products are available to customers anywhere in the UK and Europe and provide simple and easy to use solutions for many types of household pests. Please call or email us for immediate attention if you are online looking for a straightforward solution for any of the following.

Seagull Deterrents & Bird Spikes

SpikesWe are able to provide a range of seagull deterrents, pigeon netting and bird spikes which can be used to humanely prevent birds from nesting and creating a mess on window ledges and other external areas of your home. For more information on these items and our installation services for homes, businesses and councils see our bird control section on this website.

Commercial Fly Screens

For more information on how to get rid of flies from business premises and food preparation areas, please see our Commercial fly screens page here

Humane Mouse Traps & Mice Repellents

squirrel trapHumane mouse traps enable you to bait traps with food that is attractive to house mice, catch the mouse and then release it in an appropriate location away from your home and others. These traps are inexpensive and are ideal for those looking for a humane mice control solution. Different traps can be recommended depending on the number of mice you suspect you may have. More information on mouse deterrents is available on our mice control page. Electromagnetic, electric plug-in or ultrasonic mice repellers or scarers are available for home use, together with a range of mouse traps, rodent repellents and mouse control treatments.

Ant Killer & Ant Spray

We are able to supply a range of sprays and ant pest control treatments for your home and garden. We have solutions for the treatment of ants nests. You may have found many white ant eggs giving you cause for concern. Other pest control products are available for the treatment of Pharoah ants, black ants and red biting ant infestations. Insect killer sprays, powders and organic treatments can be supplied. For more assistance and professional ant control services please see our ant control page.

Rat Traps, Rat Poison & Rodent Repellent

Rats can pose considerable health risks, with perhaps the most serious disease risk to humans being Weils Disease or Leptospirosis. Rats can also transmit listeria, toxoplasmosis, Salmonellosis, rat-bite fever and toxacaria. A rat can produce anything up to 60 young a year, and can breed more efficiently than rabbits.

We are able to supply you with a range of rat traps (including humane rat traps), ultrasonic rat repellers and rodent repellents, rodent germ clear spray, odour removers and sanitising products. It is worth contacting us so we can advise you on the best product for your needs. Simply laying down rat killer or rat poison can result in a rotting rat’s corpse under floorboards or in inaccessible areas of your home which simply adds to the problem and creates a different hygiene concern. Using rat poisons may also not be advisable in the home where children and domestic pets may be present. If you do wish to explore the use of rat poison then please telephone us so we can discuss the best product and application. If you suspect a rat infestation then you may wish to enquire about our professional pest control service.

Cockroach Traps

Cockroach traps are available containing effective attractants within a large sticky surface. The attractant is impregnated within the glue, creating an effective roach trap. Other products we can supply include cockroach insecticides, cockroach killer powders and dusts and cockroach killer sprays. For more information on how to get rid of cockroaches see our page on cockroach extermination.

Squirrel Repellents & Deterrents

AMES supply squirrel traps for home or business useSquirrels can disrupt the home by entering into roof space or lofts and can cause damage and electrical hazards by gnawing through electrical wiring. If you have problems with squirrels in the home or garden there are a range of humane squirrel deterrents and repellents available including: squirrel traps enabling you to catch the squirrel alive and humanely; ultra sonic or sonic squirrel repellers and water spray deterrents.

Flea Products - Flea Traps & Flea Spray
Household sprays are available which kill adult flea

Flea Products - Flea Traps & Flea Spray

Household sprays are available which kill adult fleas and also house dust mites. Sprays can also help prevent the development of eggs and larvae. Flea control sprays can be used to treat rooms if you feel a pet may have had fleas in your home. Soft furnishings etc can be treated.

Flea Traps can be ordered to trap cat and dog fleas simply and safely. They use sticky, non-toxic surfaces to trap fleas. If you wish to get more information on available flea control products then please contact us on 0800 197 1650. For more information on how to get rid of fleas please see our fleas control page.

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