Commercial & Domestic Mouse Control

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AMES offer integrated onsite pest control to resolve problems with mice and infestations in commercial premises and a fast response domestic mouse control service. If you have recently discovered mouse droppings or are searching the internet for advice on ‘getting rid of mice’ then please call us on 0800 197 1650 for professional assistance.

Our expert technicians are able to provide rat or mice control and preventative solutions for homes, retail premises, restaurants, commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, offices and public sector buildings.

We can also provide our expertise to housing associations, property management companies, letting agents and councils searching for reliable ‘exterminators’ or preventative pest management services.

We take great care to ensure that when we recommend a solution (or combination of solutions) we are mindful of your business needs including any food preparation, serving or storage issues. Human health and safety and non-target animal safety is obviously treated as an absolute priority. Recommendations are made where appropriate to remove the risk of rodent bait being spread to unwanted areas. The effective use of mouse traps including live traps can be carried out where required.

AMES fully trained technicians are able to provide expert advice and support on preventative measures to minimise the impact of mice problems in the future. Rodent repellents and ultrasonic repellents can be used in certain circumstances to create a protective and preventative solution.

Getting Rid Of House Mice

mice controlAMES also offer a domestic mice control service throughout the East and West Midlands region which extends to Nottingham and Derbyshire, Peterborough, Burton, Stoke, Stafford, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Oxfordshire in the South.

The need for professional domestic pest control has become heightened by a reduction in the regularity of waste collection in some regions and the increasing popularity of home composting leading to the retention of food waste, which can attract vermin. The popularity of garden decking has led to sub decking infestations. These popular garden structures create a safe environment for rats, mice and other pests to live under.

The responsible application of rodenticide is carried out to remove the problem from your home. Killing mice is not always necessary if this is not a satisfactory solution for you. Where desired a humane mouse trap can be used to help treat the problem. We are also able to provide a range of mouse deterrents and repellents. If you have become aware of a rodent problem but are unable to locate the source of the infestation or nest then please call us on 0800 197 1650 for assistance.

Mice Repellents and Mouse Traps: Products Available To Order

If you would like information on a range of rodent products then please get in touch.

We provide humane mouse traps, ultrasonic mice repellents, mice poison, and self-help kits accompanied with information on how to get rid of mice, direct to businesses in the UK.

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