Fly Control

AMES pest control service covers the effective removal of flies from homes and business premises.

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Preventative Measures - Commercial Fly Control

cobra unitAMES objective is to produce and help you retain a pest-free environment.

Rather than simply killing flies or removing a fly infestation from your business premises, our commercial fly control service includes the provision of wall-mounted electric and UV fly control equipment.

These are popular choices within commercial kitchens, takeaways, food retail outlets and franchises.

Effective Pest Control Consultancy

AMES fly control services are efficient and fastOur experienced pest control technicians are able to advise you on systems which will help get rid of flies.

We can also advise on common causes of problems in food preparation, retail and similar environments including building and equipment lay-outs which could make you more susceptible to problems with flying pests.

Fly Killers & Catchers - Helping You To Solve Problems With Flies

Our product line can advise on a range of available fly control products including industrial fly killers and fly catchers. If you are online looking to buy fly paper or related products please:

Call us on 0800 197 1650 so we can explain the benefits of the latest and most-effective fly control and prevention products.

Cluster Flies

Six species of cluster flies can be found in the UK.

Unlike Bluebottles, they do not lay eggs with the associated health hazards that accompany this.

Unfortunately when the adult flies emerge in late summer they create a nuisance as they enter houses in large numbers in the late summer or autumn.

Bluebottles & Greenbottles (Blow-flies)

AMES fly control services leave your premises clean and infestation freeAMES are able to control flies such as bluebottles and greenbottles which can present a health risk.

These blow-flies have been linked to disease such as dysentery and salmonellosis, transmitted via saliva and feces.

Adult flies may spread disease through their sponging mouth parts, sticky pads on their feet, intestinal tract, vomit or even hairs on their legs or body.

House Flies

AMES traditional fly killing solutions use gummed paper and an illuminated lure to control your fly problemHouse flies have been associated with the spread of Typhoid Fever, cholera, Escherichia coli and Shigellosis.

Our experienced team of pest exterminators are able to remove problems with flies and create an environment which does not allow these pests to flourish.

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