Water System Refurbishment

Poor quality water due to the formation of rust, scale, debris and biological deposits make the hygiene of water storage tanks an essential part of a maintenance programme. Our specialist water system refurbishment service can restore existing water storage tanks to HSE and Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999.

Where the condition of a tank makes replacement a preferred option, we can also supply new tanks. If cooling towers do not conform to the HSE requirements, we can replace the cooling pack, install or upgrade drift eliminators and refurbish corroded tanks.

Cooling Towers

The maintenance of cooling towers is an essential requirement of the HSE, ACoP L8. Many older cooling towers do not conform to this guide and require modification to enable maintenance operations to be carried out.

We offer the following refurbishment services:

  • Replacement of badly scaled or damaged cooling pack
  • Upgrading of drift eliminators to higher efficiency
  • Installation of access hatches to make the removal of pack and drift eliminators easier when cleaning and chlorinating
  • Refurbishment of air inlet louvres
  • Refurbishment of tanks and sumps
  • Installation of dosing equipment
  • Installation and servicing of water softeners

cooling towers

A full site survey by one of our engineers will establish the most suitable method of water system refurbishment. After any installation the water tank or cooling tower will be disinfected to conform with HSE requirement. For more information or to make an enquiry, please call FREE using the number below:

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