Water Safety Audits

Large companies and public sector organisations can benefit from water safety audits on a regular basis. AMES can help you comply with health and safety legislation and protect the well-being of staff, customers, students, patients or guests.

Legionella Water Testing & Independent Auditing

water-safety-auditIndependent testing and auditing of your existing legionella and water management processes give you the confidence that your systems are robust enough for the needs and those who depend on you for their health and safety.  Your practices are tested against up to date legislation and guidelines for effective working practices.

As well as helping to prevent future problems, our audits also give you well-structured follow up information and clear role definition for managers and contractors entering your site.  Recommendations are far from one-size fits all guidelines and are created for your organisations specific requirements.

What If Our Site Is Found To Be Non-Compliant?

Your auditor can work with you to ensure that compliant practices are implemented and maintained.

By having an independent audit carried out this ensures that an unbiased review has taken place, unclouded by any conflict of interest which could otherwise occur.  This gives even more credibility in demonstrating to controlling authorities that you are on top of all required systems and practices designed to minimise risk.

Microbiological Analysis
AMES services are not limited water testing.  For example, we can also arrange for samples to be analysed to test for food poisoning bacteria including listeria, E.coli 0157 and Salmonella.

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Nationwide Legionella Risk Assessments & Control

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