AMES Water Quality Sampling

AMES Legionella personnel usually carry out water quality sampling work as part of a control regime, to monitor and ensure the effectiveness of the programme.

Naturally we also offer one-off quality sampling services. Customers who want a snapshot analysis of their water system, can request ad-hoc water sampling from AMES. UK law states that water services employed by many businesses, must be tested and treated to prevent the spread of water-borne bacteria.

Regular Water Checks Help To Maintain Confidence

Most of AMES Legionella Control’s clients prefer us to keep a routine check on their businesses water-systems to make sure that they minimise any disease or infection risks to their staff or clients.

water sampling

AMES Only Uses Accredited laboratories
To be certain of consistent and accurate results, you can be certain that AMES only send samples to UKAS accredited laboratories.

We Make Recommendations Based Your Results
When samples are found to have increased levels of bacteria AMES have in place a follow-up procedure for immediate reporting.  We evaluate your water sample results and supply recommended actions with each sample certificate.

Regular Testing Ensures Compliance
Frequent testing for bacteria such as Legionella, E-Coli and Pseudomonas is required to ensure legal compliance, particularly on the following systems:

  • Cooling Systems
  • Hot And Cold Systems
  • Swimming Pools
  • Jacuzzi And Hydro Pool
  • Water Features

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