Water Heater / Hot Water Unit Responsibilities For ACoP L8 Compliance

Water heater / Hot Water Units have certain characteristics and features in common. This allows us to formulate a regular schedule of testing, checks and cleaning for them in order to keep them operating safely.

Below are our recommendations for scheduling water temperature monitoring, water sampling and actions to take, should legionella contamination or other elevated bacterial levels be found. These suggestions are based on the governments ACoP L8 documentation.

In partnership with AMES, you can be sure to meet your compliance requirements and keep your staff and clients safe. A simple routine testing regime is key in maintaining confidence and keeping your water-systems operating safely.

We specialise in scheduled monitoring, testing and cleaning to the highest standards. Keep your water system compliant with the Health & Safety Executive’s requirements using AMES Legionella Control services.

How Often

What To Do

Should I Record It In Logbook?

 Monthly Check Water Heater/Calorifier operating temperature YES
Monthly Check temperature of nearest and furthest hot taps from Water Heater/Calorifier YES
Six-Monthly Water Heater/Calorifier inspection YES
Annually Take water samples for Laboratory Analysis. Disinfect Water Heater/Calorifier and hot water system if contaminated



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