Steam Boilers, Water Treatment Regimes

AMES provide effective water treatment regimes for steam boilers. Following a planned system of treatments can prevent feed water system scale and corrosion or corrosion in the steam condensate system.

An effective treatment regime can also prevent deposition and corrosion inside a boiler as well as avoiding oil or process contamination.

The nature of these systems mean that any or all of the above problems can combine to reduce the efficiency of a system. Worse than that, an untreated system with these issues can suffer extensive damage. Making sure that your boiler is treated can save you the nuisance of costly downtime and the unnecessary expense of repairing or replacing boiler components.

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AMES Legionella Complete Boiler Treatments

Both external and internal treatments are available. The correct treatment of the boiler’s water ensures the optimal results from the treatment. Pre-filtration of the feed water in conjunction with the best chemical treatments helps to clean and protect the system, leaving it operating effectively.

We offer the ACR20 treatment package to clients looking for an easy to manage and cost effective treatment regime. These regimes include the following:

  • Installation of Automated Dosing Pumps
  • Approved Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Frequent Water Quality Analysis
  • Annual Treatment Plant Servicing
  • Scale & Corrosion Control

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