School Legionella Risk Assessments

School legionella risk assessments and control / monitoring regimes are mandatory in the UK. This is because children are regarded as a high risk group and need extra protection from Legionella infection.

A regular risk assessment regime helps to keep your school safe from the spread of Legionella Bacteria and the Legionnaires’ Disease it causes. Legionnaires’ Disease is also known as Legionellosis or Legion fever. Legionella bacteria also cause Pontiac Fever.

Comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessments by AMES UK

AMES provide a comprehensive legionella risk assessment for schools and nurseries. This is a preventative and proactive service to ensure that your school or nursery is as safe as possible from the risk of legionella and related problems.

primary school washrooms and toilets

Assessing risks at your school and taking steps to control risks, reduces the chance that a dangerous situation will arise. The storage and usage of water introduces increased legionella risks and it is always better to prevent an outbreak than treat it. Young people using education or childcare facilities are purposes are especially vulnerable.

Discrete & Professional Service
Our service is professional and discrete. As this is a preventative measure, we realise it is important not to cause unnecessary alarm amongst parents and other people visiting the school. We are based in Birmingham, in the West Midlands and are experienced at providing legionella risk assessments throughout the UK.

In the first instance we can advise you of the correct risk assessment for the type of water system(s) you have in place within the school or nursery. We can then create a monitoring and control regime to help ensure that the children and staff under your care are as safe as possible from any risks.

Colleges and universities also need to put in place regular water testing regimes and risk control. Any educational institution which has long term closures due to summer holidays etc need to be particularly vigilant.

Flexible Legionella Control Regimes
We are mindful of school’s needs for flexibility, especially during exams and training days.  We will work with you to create a risk assessment and monitoring schedule which fits with the working practices of the school.  Of course, most importantly, we ensure that prevention and control requirements aren’t compromised.

Maintenance staff can also be trained on the most appropriate course of action during the day to day running of the school.

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