Fast & Effective Process Water Quality Analysis

Process water is the water used when making a product or as an essential part of industrial processes. Almost all industrial processes require water in some quantity.

Unfortunately, process water can easily provide an idea growth medium for legionella and other bacteria which are harmful to humans. As it is often used in and around machinery which creates debris and is often sprayed, squirted or poured onto moving equipment. This warming and cooling and aerosol creating movement gives bacteria the kind of environment that it needs to thrive.

Process water used by the food industry will probably also have increased levels of organic matter, this makes it even more hospitable to bacteria. Clearly there are a variety of risks involved with the use of process water which must be properly assessed and controlled on a regular basis.

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Choose an example below to find out more about process water risk control in a variety of different industries:

Food & Beverage Industry
Water quality and purity is particularly important in food manufacturing sites, as it is used in the manufacturing of products for consumption. Water is also required for cleaning of processing equipment, vessels and raw food products. Hot water, steam, cooling and refrigeration systems also require water.

Water analysis can be carried out to check the quality of water to be used in consumable products and in the manufacturing process itself. Call 0800 197 1650 for more details.

Drinking Container Industry
Bottles, crates and other returnable items often involve water in cleaning processes or pressure sprays and steam in the cleaning of containers. Water systems used to carry out these processes can be tested for water quality and compliance with Legionella regulations etc.

Other industries which use large quantities of water such as the chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, pulp, paper and printing, metal-working and automotive sector benefit from having a consistent water quality monitoring system in place.

Benefits of Fast & Effective Process Water Analysis
Monitoring of process water quality extends beyond the requirements of sanitation and public health (e.g. testing for the proliferation of legionella bacteria). Effective water analysis can also test for the presence of microbial induced corrosion, which has implications for the efficiencies, maintenance costs and environmental policies within industry.

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