Potable Water Testing

Routine potable water testing means that you can be confident that your company’s drinking water supply is fit for human consumption. AMES Legionella Control’s drinking water testing and analysis is thorough, efficient and most importantly, accurate. We offer Potable Water testing to businesses throughout the UK from our West Midlands base.

As part of our thorough drinking-water testing service, we evaluate your water to check that the chemical balance is healthy and within acceptable parameters. This is described as the ‘wholesomeness’ of your potable water supply.

Water which is not wholesome may not make you ill in the short term. However, long term effects may vary and it is certainly rendered less healthy by the excessive presence or imbalance of these components.

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The Wholesomeness Of Potable Water
The composition of water varies from region to region with mineral and chemical levels differing too. Higher levels of some chemicals or particles in the water, may be considered to be out of balance or undesirable.

Water which has excessive levels of some chemicals or insoluble matter, is considered unwholesome or unhealthy.  Some examples of substances found in water, which can lead to an unwholesome characteristic are:

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Fluoride
  • Sodium
  • Mercury

  • Pesticides
  • Lead
  • Chloride
  • Faecal coliforms (bacteria generally originating in the gut of warm blooded animals)

As we have established, it is important for the safety and taste of your water, that these components do not exceed the recommended levels. The best way to ensure this, is to take regular potable water samples and accurately test their composition. AMES only use accredited laboratories, so you can be sure that their accuracy and efficiency is high. Our turn around speeds are also fast.

Get The Whole Picture

Your water’s total hardness level and alkalinity are also monitored and tested to form a complete picture of your drinking water supply.

Our drinking water sampling and analysis can also determine that your water supply complies with the Water Supply Water Quality Regulations (1989).

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