Pipework Refurbishment and Modifications

AMES water-treatment technicians offer pipework refurbishment and modifications, to update and repair your water systems and pipework. This is a great time to check existing pipework and carry out a complete legionella risk assessment. Wherever you are in the UK, we can make the changes you need to keep your water system running smoothly and safely.

Once your pipework is back to excellent working condition, you can focus on routine testing, maintenance and cleaning. Keep your business adherent to health and safety guidelines and requirements.

With AMES you’ll effectively minimise the risk of legionella and other bacteria becoming hazardous in your water supply system. Regular chlorination, maintenance of cooling towers, pipework and water systems is required to keep risks to a minimum.

We understand your need to manage costs effectively. The cost involved with AMES routine water tank and pipework refurbishment plans, is much lower, than the cost of replacing neglected parts of your water system. At the same time, you know that you are meeting your legal requirements and keeping visitors to your premises safer.

pipework modification / refurbishment

Pipework Refurbishment & Modification Services

  • Insulation fitting
  • Painting of water tanks with specialist coatings
  • Refurbishment and alterations to water tanks
  • Regular condition checks of and refurbishment of water storage and cisterns

Cost Effective & Flexible Refurbishment
AMES Legionella Control only recommends the replacement of tanks or pipework where absolutely necessary. Usually cleaning and refurbishing of your water-system is sufficient to keep it running smoothly sand safely.

We appreciate that you have a business to run and so we do our best to be flexible. Schedules can be created to minimise disruption to your productivity and output.

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