Water Treatments For Leisure Facilities Pools

Leisure facilities which have swimming pools or spas require consistent water treatment to ensure that the pool water is free from viruses, harmful substances, bacteria and pathogenic contaminants.

Organisations considering the construction of a swimming pool at their facilities have to consider a number of public health implications.

The nature of public swimming facilities means the prevention of pool contaminants reaching the water is impossible.  Therefore appropriate water treatment helps to protect customers from the transmission of infectious disease.  Of course it also helps to ensure that water is kept clean, clear and as pleasant as possible for guests and members.

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Use of chemicals in the treatment of pool water
The chemical treatment of swimming pool and hot tub/spa water includes our personnel using chemical dosing equipment on site, the correcting of PH levels through acid dosing and the provision and use of cleaning chemicals such as chlorine. We can also provide regular water monitoring or sampling checks to ensure the safe and appropriate dosing takes place. Pumps, tanks and bunds can be supplied as required.
Purifying Swimming Pool Water
In addition to testing and chemically treating swimming pool water we can also arrange regular water purification services. This involves the removal of water to a purification plant. This process involves the removal of hair and raw pollutions through the use of filters. In addition, flocculation results in colloids in the water binding together. This helps cleanse the water of cosmetic products, skin fats, saliva and soap.

Cloudiness is removed from the visible quality of the water during this process. Sand filters are also used to remove suspended particles. Pollutants get discharged into the sewage system.


The type of treatment required may vary depending on the nature of the pool. Many pools make use of a recirculation system which involves the pumping of water through a filter before being returned to the pool.

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