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Compliance for Legionella Management is Essential

legionella management birminghamAMES legionella management includes the complete range of services that you could need to remove your legionella problem and monitor problematic areas to make sure that it doesn’t recur. If potential risks of exposure to legionella bacteria have been identified, you are obliged (under HSE and ACOP L8) to put in place an adequate legionella control regime.

AMES provide dedicated legionella control management to businesses who utilise water in the following systems:

  • Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condensers
  • Hot & Cold Water Systems
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Chilled And Heating Process
  • Swimming Pools And Jacuzzis

AMES design and tailor many types of control regimes to meet your requirements. You can be safe in the knowledge that your business will be safe, legally covered and your water systems will operate effectively. Not every client requires every service we offer.

Since we customise your Legionella management package, choosing from the full range of services, you can be sure that your requirements will be completely catered for.

Implementing a Legionella Management Plan is Essential

managing legionella in birminghamEnsuring you have a Legionella management plan in place is essential to ensure you’re following standard health and safety guidelines stated by the HSE. AMES Group can help implement a Legionella management plan to ensure your property or site is safe from the threat of Legionella. Managing the risks is essential and failure to do so will increase the risk from Legionella.

You will have to assume responsibility regarding the monitoring and maintenance of your water system(s), this may include regularly flushing the systems during quieter months. Monitoring water temperatures and adjusting settings will also fall into your list of responsibilities, as well as cleaning any shower heads, pipes and other places where Legionella could colonise.

Keeping on top of your Legionella management policy is essential and will eliminate the risk of contamination.

identify risks reduce costs improve business

Commercial and Domestic Legionella Management Plan Solutions

AMES will work side by side with your business and guide you on the path to becoming legally compliant. Our expert staff will provide you with regular up to date information relating to legislation changes, product supply and management regimes.

You can be safe in the knowledge that AMES will be a safe and trusted partner to your business. We will strive to increase your business efficiency and reduce costs.

Know Your Responsibilities, Control the Risks

legionella care birminghamResearch has shown that less than 50% of the registered companies within the UK who either own or operate premises are currently non-compliant under legislation relating to the prevention of legionella bacteria.

What the research has not shown is that this is mainly down to knowledge and businesses simply having no idea of their legal obligations. This is partly due to the HSE not enforcing Legionella compliance on a national basis.

If the management of Legionella in water systems is overlooked, it can cause Legionella bacteria to multiply and spread, presenting huge risks to the safety of those living within the property or area.

The Cost of Your Legionella Assessment

legionella cost in Birmingham Prices for Legionella risk assessments differ depending on a few key factors. The size of the property will be taken into account, as well as the number of water systems running through it. The bigger the property and number of water systems present, the higher the price.

For example, you may be expected to pay around £200 for a small dental practice or cafe. For hotels or large corporate companies with several water systems, you can expect to pay close to £500.

We will be able to give you a direct quote once we have assessed your property.

Contact Our Legionella Management Team

Risk assessment must be performed on every site that has running water systems. Domestic properties are at less of a risk, but we advise that all water systems in both domestic and commercial areas be flushed regularly during quieter months.

Contact our experienced Legionella management team – for further information on your responsibilities regarding Legionella risk management and control, please contact our team or visit HSE’s website.

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