Legionella Control Regimes For Cooling Towers Or Evaporative Condensers

A series of recommendations can be made for your specific site in order to create a workable and effective Legionella control regime for sites which have cooling towers or evaporative condensers.

Services For Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condensers

  • Services for sites which contain cooling towers include:
  • Ensuring the release of water spray is controlled
  • Removal / replacement of redundant or overtly long pipework with better, safer pipework to avoid water stagnation.
  • Removal of material known to encourage legionella growth
  • Water cleaning
  • Chlorination / chemical treatments can be applied as required and treatments applied to kill Legionella where a problem is found to exist.

cooling towers condensers

Treatments & Legionella Conscious Refurbishment

Treatments which have been used on cooling towers include biocides, UV irradiation, ozone and copper/silver ionisation and chlorine dioxide.

Cooling tower refurbishment can include the supply and fitting of drift eliminators and efficient cooling tower packing which has been treated with biocide.  These greatly reduce the risk of the spread of infected water in aerosol form.

If hot water is used to control Legionella then appropriate risk-control measures need to be thought through to reduce the risk of scolding.


Sampling in accordance with Part 2 of the ACoP can be carried out to test for Legionella in cooling towers and hot and cold water systems.

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