I Need My Tanks Cleaned & Chlorinated

Although there is no legislation demanding that cold water storage tanks should be cleaned and chlorinated annually, it is good practice do so.

Internal inspection of the tank also helps to decide whether or not a tank needs cleaning, as well as legionella, TVC and potable sampling (which must be carried out on an annual basis or six-monthly for tanks providing drinking water).

The Drinking Water Inspectorate does, however, demand that tanks providing drinking water be cleaned annually. Furthermore, tanks should be cleaned and chlorinated when the systems they serve undergo modifications or when a possible legionella outbreak is suspected to have taken hold.

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If you need advice on whether or not your tanks require cleaning and chlorination, AMES are here to help.  We can inspect the tanks and pride ourselves on our cost effective cleaning service. Furthermore, if you commission us to carry out a legionella risk assessment on your building, the survey will detail all tank cleaning necessary and will provide a timescale upon which it should be carried out.

To arrange an inspection and cleaning of your water tanks, please get in touch with AMES Legionella Control using the details below.

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