Legionella Risk Assessments Of Hydro Pools, Hot Tubs And Hydrotherapy Pools

Leisure complexes, health spas and fitness clubs which offer hot tub or hydro pools require legionella risk assessments as part of a Legionella control regime.  AMES is able to provide regular legionella risk assessments in the UK and give appropriate recommendations to re-establish or maintain compliance with directives and guidance.

In addition to legal obligations to keep your guests and members safe, there are obvious commercial downsides to any business priding itself on the cleanliness and pleasantness of its environment having any increased risk of bacteria growth present or likely to cause an outbreak.

All hydro pools, hot tubs and related facilities and equipment can be assessed for legionella risk.

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Hydrotherapy Pools

As hydrotherapy pools are sometimes used to benefit arthritis, poor circulation and rheumatism one of their uses is in the hydro treatment of the elderly.  Similarly the benefits of swimming for the elderly have been well documented.  As the elderly and those with lowered immune systems form part of higher risk groups, this makes legionella control and risk assessments particularly important in hydrotherapy pools (and other swimming or water activity environments).  The HSE have also produced literature regarding legislation and guidance covering Legionella control in nursing and residential care homes.

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