Domestic Hot and Cold Water Responsibilities For ACoP L8 Compliance

Domestic hot and cold water systems are subject to ACoP L8 compliance where they are installed in rental accommodation, housing association property, retirement homes, sheltered accommodation or council managed properties.

Your responsibility as a landlord or manager of such properties, is to make sure that your water system is regularly checked and cleaned as required. AMES are delighted to carry out scheduled testing and cleaning of properties in your care, to ensure that your water system meets legal requirements.

Your ACoP L8 Compliance Responsibilities
The grid below outlines the recommended inspection, treatment and recording responsibilities for domestic hot and cold water services, according to ACOP L8:
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How Often?

What should be done?

Should I record it in logbook?

Weekly Flush little used outlets YES
Monthly Check temperature of sentinel outlets and a representative number of outlets YES
Quarterly Clean and disinfect all shower heads and hoses, where applicable YES
Six-monthly Sampling regime for Category II Potability, Legionella and TVC/Coliforms/E-Coil YES
Annually Ensure all outlets throughout building have been checked each year

see Monthly, above


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Domestic Hot & Cold Water Systems: Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella risk assessments for landlords, housing associations, local authorities and property managers.

The Building Research Establishment has identified that around 10% of domestic homes have legionella in their water system. Local authorities and landlords with larger housing stock may be able to have a generic risk assessment carried out providing they are clear on the nature of water systems involved. Clearly some domestic systems carry greater risks than others (e.g. where water is stored rather than being heated through a combi-boiler).

We can assist housing associations with appropriate risk assessments on their stock of domestic properties. AMES can help with weighing up the associated risks of water treatment and management (Legionella, risk of scalding, impact of biocides etc).

Legionella Risk Assessments May Include
Asset Register
Schematic Drawing
Risk Report
Management Control
System Pictures

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