Cold Water Storage Tank Cleaning

AMES can help you to comply with the law regarding cold water storage tank cleaning and maintenance. Employers or those in control of building maintenance are legally required to have all tanks that store any amount of domestic cold water cleaned annually.

Our experienced and qualified engineers will clean, descale and chlorinate your cold water storage tanks in accordance with all relevant legislation and issue you with all official completion certificates and photographic evidence to be stored in your water services log book.

Our clean and chlorination experts are vastly experienced in all areas of water treatment and will advise you of the best and most cost effective methods to keep your water systems compliant.

cold water storage tank

Take Control Of Your Water System Safety

The consequences for businesses which do not make use of a regular maintenance and cleaning program on water tanks are shown on this BBC article regarding a holiday camp in Lancashire which was urged by a Legionella management contractor to have a water tank cleaned months before a Legionnaires’ disease death occurred. More information on what occurred when water tank cleaning did not take place can be seen here.

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