Closed Circuit Systems

Closed circuit systems are commonly found in many buildings and serve a multitude of purposes. Most notable are closed loop heating systems and chilled systems. Whether they serve the heating elements, or air conditioning for a building, they require frequent water quality analysis to ensure they operate effectively.

Unfortunately, internal corrosion commonly takes place in this kind of system. To prevent harmful corrosion and scale, an inhibitor chemical should be ‘dosed’ into the system.

Chilled systems operate similarly but have additional testing requirements. Should these systems fail due to corrosion, expensive maintenance and downtime will be required.

AMES recommend that a testing & control regime is implemented and managed to reduce the risk of serious problems arising.

Closed circuit systems air conditioning


Our ACR30 regime provides clients with the necessary management of these systems. They are often run concurrently with other regimes. Our clients benefit from experienced staff operating dedicated services including:

  • Frequent Water Quality Analysis
  • Supply and Dosing of Treatment Chemicals
  • Scale & Corrosion Control
  • System Refurbishment & Upgrade

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