Cleans and Disinfectants

The cleaning and disinfection of water systems on a regular basis is vital if hygienic conditions are to be maintained. The effectiveness of a water treatment regime such as corrosion inhibitors and biocides when used in cooling towers is also strongly influenced by the cleanliness of the system.

British Standard 6700

This standard relates to new domestic pipework installations and states that new installations or modifications should be disinfected as part of commission cleaning before being placed into service.

The method to be used is set out in the standard, detailing the contact times and disinfecting agents to be used. Heating, ventilating and pipework contractors that use our service will have the disinfection certificated on completion of the work and before the building is placed into use.

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Legionnaires Disease 'The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems' ACOP (L8)
The HSE Code of Practise relates to the control of legionnaires disease and recommends that as part of a complete maintenance and management scheme that regular cleaning and disinfection of the following equipment is carried out:

  • Cold Water Storage Tanks And Down Services
  • Hot Water Calorifiers
  • Cooling Towers And Evaporative Condensers
  • Air Humidification Plants
  • Water Outlets And Shower heads
  • Water Features
  • Misting Systems

The frequency of cleaning and disinfection is twice annually for cooling towers and once per annum for hot and cold water services. Other systems will have the frequency established in the risk assessment and logbook, but in general is dependant on the risk of the system and the potential for contamination.

Cooling Tower Cleaning and Disinfection
In general a thorough clean and disinfection of a cooling tower is best achieved by removal of the cooling tower pack.

This approach to the cleaning and disinfection of cooling towers is taken whenever possible by AMES water treatment service technicians. Where it is not reasonably practicable, AMES Water Treatment have developed a specialised range of products for this application.

Shower head Descaling and Disinfection
Showers deliver water at around 45°C, making them a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Because showers are used sporadically, long periods of stagnation give the bacteria chance to multiply.

Shower heads act as filters, trapping debris and scale. These act as a nutrient and a safe habitat for bacteria. It is therefore vital that showers are cleaned on a regular basis as part of an overall legionella control programme.

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