Arrange A Legionella Risk Assessment

To arrange a legionella risk assessment anywhere  in the UK simply call AMES on 0800 197 1650 or contact us online. AMES Legionella Control responds quickly to enquiries by telephone or email.  We can advise you on the right type of risk assessment for your building’s water system.  We are also pleased to offer a free quotation for the work that you require.

Our experienced risk assessors also identify potential hazards within a water system.  With this information, they can identify any corrective action which needs to be taken and point out how that can be achieved.  We can also help with proactive advice to minimise any risks in future.

If you have had cause for concern (such as a person reporting illness linked to your premises) then we can advise you on the correct course of action.

Confidence In Compliance

If you feel there is no real cause for concern but need the reassurance of a water system assessment, we can arrange a site visit.

Once we have assessed your premises we will provide a consultation on the findings. If your water-system presents no risk to employees or members of the public then we can provide you with details of how to keep it clean and reduce the risk of contamination occurring.

If any issues are detected, we can help you to decide on the remedial action required to remove foreign bodies from your supply.  By maintaining your water-system properly, future contamination is made much less likely.

To arrange a legionella risk assessment, contact AMES Legionella Control today.

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