Analytical Testing Of Water Quality

Analytical testing of water samples in a laboratoryAMES technicians carry out analytical testing of water quality for customers including industrial and manufacturing sites, leisure facilities, NHS sites, council and food manufacturing facilities.

By taking water samples from the relevant components of your system, we can ensure that you have an accurate picture of the health of your system.  We can take samples from your tanks, pipework, equipment and any outlets.

The UCAS approved laboratories that we use, can test for elevated levels of several types of bacteria in your water.  While legionella bacteria are one of the most dangerous water-borne bacteria, it is not the only form of biological contaminant and where required, samples can be tested for other specific problems.

We can also evaluate your potable (drinking) water.  I.e how balanced, clean and safe your water supply is.  Water with poor wholesomeness may not threaten the life of those on your site.

We can consult on the results of your chemical and microbiological tests which enable us to advise you on how to maintain the correct water conditions for your facilities.

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