consultationAMES is able to consult on the following services for businesses, councils, housing associations, the education, health, leisure sectors and property management companies.

Commercial Preventative Pest Control

AMES believes that prevention is better than cure and strives to assist clients in maintaining a pest free working environment. We can advise on preventative measures against all types of pests including rats, mice, flies, wasps, cockroaches and birds including pigeons and seagulls.

We can also assist in the prevention and management of agricultural, woodland and estate pests including squirrels. Food processing sites and businesses involved in the storage, logistics and distribution of cereals, flour and grains benefit from our services.

Food preparation sites, restaurants, hotels and commercial kitchens can also achieve outstanding reductions in pest problems. Our consultancy service incorporates recommendations on building and equipment layout, staff behaviour, cleaning and maintenance methods and storage of foods etc.

Agricultural Pest Control

We consult on pest control for farms, forestry management, estate owners, land managers and sports fields. This includes preventative advice covering rats, mice, squirrels, moles, rabbits, mink and fox pest control. Where appropriate pest control products and pest management services can also be recommended.

Farm pests, insects and all types of agricultural pests are covered within our rural pest control consultancy. Integrated, regular pest management and extermination programs can also be provided by our experienced technicians. These services are available throughout the UK’s rural and semi-rural areas including West Mids, Worcestershire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Staffordshire.

Golf Course Pests Control

We can advise green keepers and golf clubs on pest control prevention and pest management. This consultancy service extends to the provision of pest control services and the supply of appropriate products. Our aim is to assist you in maintaining a pest-free facility.

Our consultancy also extends to golf course designers and construction. By giving you the appropriate knowledge prior to design and construction of the golf course we can help you to avoid pest problems on your course grounds, including the integration of preventative measures and deterrents for pests which can typically affect greens, fairways, water hazards, lakes, bunkers, tall grass and woodland areas.

This consultancy and management of golf course pests is available to golf course designers and golf clubs (private and municipal) throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Pest Control Advice for Architects & Construction Consultants

We can provide consultancy to construction and architectural design consultants on the best ways to avoid having ideal harbourages for pests and infestations in new commercial premises, large commercial sites, schools, logistics and storage centres, hospitals and sports stadia etc.  This includes advice to prevent problems with birds including pigeon roosting and guano.

Summer & Seasonal Pest Consultancy

We are able to provide consultancy to businesses and leisure facilities whose trade can suffer as a result of flying pests such as wasps, particularly where customers wish to eat and drink outside. Preventative advice, initial surveys of premises and recommendations of innovative products can help create a much more pleasant environment for customers, a safer place for children and a greater likelihood of repeat and referral business for your organisation.

Managing Environmental Impacts Of Premises

We  consult on a range of solutions to assist you in managing your carbon facilitating management and in helping you establish sustainable building premises including effective water management systems for washrooms and toilet facilities.

Legionella Consultancy

AMES specialist consultants advise on legionella control, prevention, risk assessment, training and HSE and HSC guidelines and requirements. We are able to clarify your legal obligations and methods.

Expert advice on employee behaviour which is likely to help you control the risks associated with on-site water systems is also available. This service is offered throughout the UK.  We can also make recommendations which introduce new, innovative equipment to control legionella risk in commercial hot and cold water systems.  More information is available on our dedicated legionella control website.

Bird Control

AMES is able to design a bird proofing solution for all types of buildings no matter how challenging. Pigeon and seagull deterrent consultancy is available throughout the UK and Europe. A range of bird spikes and pigeon netting can be supplied and installed to help keep your premises free of bird problems.

AMES is able to sympathetically clean listed buildings where graffiti has become a problem.  Historic buildings including museums, sculptures and art galleries are amongst the sites cleaned successfully by AMES specialist technicians. If you are attempting to carry out this type of specialist cleaning on sensitive brickwork yourselves, then our consultancy services can save you a great deal of time and money.


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