AMES Complete the Three Peaks Challenge

Share:   We’ve done it! At AMES Group Ltd, we’ve completed our Three Peaks Challenge on the hottest weekend of the year, and raised just over £6000 and counting for the Brett Young Gateway – Dementia Day Service in Halesowen. Teaming up with Grosvenor Mobility (another local company) the group set off at 8am Thursday 28th June … Continue reading “AMES Complete the Three Peaks Challenge”

Bupa Fined £3m Over Legionnaire’s Death 

Share:   Bupa Fined £3m Over Legionnaire’s Death  The BBC reported that a £1,000-a-week care home was caught amidst a healthcare crisis when a resident contracted a case of Legionnaires disease which ultimately lead to his untimely passing. One of the UK’s leading healthcare bodies Bupa, has consequently been fined £3m from not carrying out adequate legionella risk control.   What is Legionella?  Legionella is a type of bacteria commonly found in … Continue reading “Bupa Fined £3m Over Legionnaire’s Death “

What is Rat-bite Fever? And How do you Cure it?

Share:   Is Rat-bite Fever Serious? The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines rat-bite fever as an infectious disease that can be caused by two different bacteria – Streptobacillary RBF, which is commonly found in North America, and spirillary RBF or sodoku which occurs mostly in Asia. People usually contract the disease from infected rodents, or consuming food … Continue reading “What is Rat-bite Fever? And How do you Cure it?”