Wasp Control Services By Midlands Councils

As we get many searches on our website from people who have searched for information on whether their local council can help them with the removal of a wasps nest, we felt it would be useful to publish the following information on local Midlands-based councils.

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Telford and Wrekin Council

Telford and Wrekin council have advised homeowners to contact a private pest control company in order to deal with pests prevalent in summer months such as wasps or ants. The only pests specifically stated on the council website that they will provide a call out service for are rats and mice. (These carry a charge of £40 or £20 if you are eligible for council tax benefit.

Wolverhampton Council

Since the council decided to seek approval in 2012 to increase the charges for commercial, wasp and ant treatments, a situation has arisen where the costs involved when contacting a competitively priced private pest controller are not significantly different to that of contacting the council. It was proposed by the council last year that the charge for a one off wasp treatment in the area be increased somewhat. Now in summer 2013 charges are set for domestic properties at £63.00 per treatment by Wolverhampton council (as reported by their website July 2013). They require payment to be made upfront and this is non-refundable.

At AMES we believe that whether guarantees are put in place by a wasp nest removal company should be considered when you choose a provider.

When it comes to business premises there are charges levied by the council and certain business premises will not be treated by the council pest control department. These include:

  • Shops that sell food for general consumption
  • Business premises where food is prepared for general consumption
  • Business premises where food is served for general consumption

The council also recommends contacting reputable companies who are members of associations such as the NPTA.

Coventry Council

Coventry council charge fees of £73.00 for a treatment with businesses charged £94.89 per hour + VAT. They state that they will respond within three working days – you will need to consider this if you identify or suspect the presence of a wasps nest when the weekend or bank holidays are approaching.

Coventry Council handled 1331 initial requests for treatments for wasps between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2012. We have not yet seen figures published for 2012 – 2013.

Birmingham City Council

Birmingham city council offers a chargeable service for wasp treatments. There are some restrictions on this service. They will not carry out the work if the wasps are out of reach (above eaves height), they will not gain entry into roof space if they are not deemed to be well lit or floor boarded and they will not go where access if restricted. They work Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays but they do not operate at weekends.

The cost does not include any guarantee against further re-infestation or complete eradication. If they are unable to keep an appointment for any reason the council states on its website that it will contact you at the earliest possible opportunity.

Worcester City Council

Worcester council only have a responsibility to act on species regarded as public health pests. This does not extend to wasps and so they suggest contacting a private pest controller.

Walsall Council

The council will carry out chargeable wasp nest treatments. The nest is treated around the entrance rather than removed completely. The work is subject to similar restrictions on height and access as other councils’ pest control services.

Lichfield Council

Lichfield council can provide a paid for service subject to access restriction and height issues. However they have partnered with a private contractor. As many councils’ suggest getting three quotations it may be a good idea to call alternative privately owned pest control businesses so you feel you have made an informed choice on value, guarantees and quality of service. That way you can also ensure you are receiving as fast a response as possible if a wasps’ nest is causing you concerns over safety of you, your family or customers.

Tamworth Council

This council does not provide a wasp service for homes and gardens. They recommend contacting a reputable pest control company and point consumers in the direction of the National Pest Control Association or British Pest Control Association.

Dudley Council

Dudley Council can be contacted Monday to Friday to get a treatment carried out. Charges are made for this service. If you need to contact a pest controller at the weekend then a private company will need to be contacted.


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