The Bees are Back: Swarm of Insects Return to Gloucester City Centre

The Bees are Back: Swarm of Insects Return to Gloucester City Centre

swarm of bees A swarm of bees has once again been spotted in Gloucester city centre.

The latest swarm has been seen in Westgate Street – less than two weeks after the insects were seen in the same location.

One witness said there seemed to be about half as many as last time, when the bees were swarming around a bike near KFC on Tuesday, April 30.

Today, the bees appear to have settled in two groups: on the roof of Cotter’s Shoes and on the roof of Footsteps charity shop.

They have been seen flying around the roof of The Fountain Inn.

For more on this topic, head over to Gloucestershire Live.

Fast-Flying Pigeon Triggers Speed Camera After Breaking Legal Limit

pigeon speed camera A pigeon in Germany has been flashed by a speed camera after it was caught flying faster than the legal limit for the road.

The criminally rapid avian was snapped flapping along a residential street in Bocholt, western Germany, when it was clocked at 45kmh (28mph) in a 30kmh zone.

A mobile camera unit was automatically triggered by the bird as it flew past.

Representatives from the town published the evidence last week – a photograph unmistakably that of a pigeon mid-flight, and in which it is apparently swooping down the wrong side of the road.

The image has delighted many people and has already been widely shared.

For more on this light-hearted story, head over to the Independent.

Letters & Advice on How to Stop the Decline of Bees

helping the bees The decline of bees has spawned a multi-million pound industry telling us that unless we buy slogan T-shirts, wildflower mixtures, but above all, “bee bombs”, bees are doomed.

All these products do serve one major purpose – they make a few people very, very rich. Avoid wildflower mixtures and bee bombs (seeds encased in a soil/clay ball) unless they contain seed of wild flowers, Shetland native species, collected in Shetland and nowhere else.

Seed from other geographical sources can be a threat to our native flora’s unique genetic pool and ultimately to the bees you are hoping to protect.

Continue reading this important article at Shetland News.

Family ‘Left Homeless’ After Fleeing Home when ‘2ft long’ Rats Invaded

rat leaves people homelessA family were forced to leave their home after it was invaded by rodents. John Rising, 36, his partner Joanne and his three sons, made the decision to leave their property in Folly Lane, St Paul’s, Cheltenham, because they felt it had become a health risk. Mr Rising told Gloucester Live: ‘About a month ago, before the rats completely took over the house, my 14-year-old son was in the bathroom and saw one actually in the toilet.

‘He called me and I rushed to have a look. I could see the rat’s tail and bum swimming back out of toilet, back up the u-bend.’

The full story can be read over at The Metro.



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