Simple Steps To Remove Attractions For Rodents In Your Home Or Business Premises

Some simple steps can help remove some of the things that are likely to attract rodents to your home. Mice breed prolifically and anything which can remove the attraction to them has to be a good thing.

Of course a regular source of food attracts rodent pests. Regular sweeping of floors to avoid crumbs in kitchens can help. Small amounts of food can also get trapped in corners along floors, walls and skirting boards, especially if a household has young children who often throw food from the table or high chair.

As mice tend to follow the edge of the wall as they move around they are likely to come into contact with food fragments and crumbs which get stuck along the corners where walls and flooring meet and skirting boards.

Ensuring gaps are not present in flooring can also help make rodents appearances less likely.

Another issue can be where dishes are rinsed with small food waste going down kitchen sinks and pipework, often collecting in outdoors drains. These can attract mice. As mice can squeeze through a hole little larger than that you could make with a pencil, they can make their way up drains and pipes. Cracks in pipework can mean they can work there way into your home that way.

As many offices and business premises have kitchen facilities this can equally apply to commercial environments. Leisure facilities, cafes, food takeaways and public houses can also suffer from waste left behind by customers around the perimeter of their building, rather than problems simply existing from their own food handling premises.

Droppings found in cupboards under your sink can often be an indication that mice are in your house, and have possibly been attracted by food waste. Minimising food waste and ensuring it is all bagged up and sealed in bins helps make the environment less attractive as a food source for mice and their offspring.

As the warm weather returns lunch outside in the garden or on the patio may be very tempting. However, it is often the people who enjoy eating outdoors who may see mice, rats or other pests on their patio or decking. Making sure any scraps of food on the patio or garden are swept up and removed makes the area less supportive to pest infestations.