Seminar Examining Rise In Bed Bugs And Cockroach Problems Held North Of The Border

The REHIS (The Royal Environment Institute of Scotland) have recently held a seminar in Glasgow, titled Public Health and Pest Control : The Rise of Bed Bugs and Cockroaches. Oliver Madge, Chairman of the Bed Bug Foundation presented his paper Bed Bugs, The Problems and Solutions and he was followed by Nigel Kerr of Glasgow City Council Bed Bugs v. Cockroaches in Glasgow : a Sleeping Timebomb? and Stuart Graham of the City of Edinburgh Council Bed Bugs in Edinburgh : an Artistic Impression.

The seminar was held in response to the growing concern north of the border that bed bugs have now become a cause for major health concerns. REHIS had stated that so far any notion that bed bugs numbers had grown drastically was anecdotal, however the seminar aimed to explore this, and related issues, further.

Reports and claims have been made suggesting other nations such as Australia have seen a 7-fold increase in the prevalence of bed bugs in recent years, with cities such as London here in the UK believed to have experienced increases in the problems as worldwide travel becomes increasingly common.

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