Rats, mould and carbon monoxide: my adventures in renting

Rats, mould and carbon monoxide: my adventures in renting

pest control news januaryVictoria is in the grip of the lowest vacancy rate in a decade. It’s not uncommon to be shown through a rental property with over a dozen other hopefuls. Of course the law of supply and demand mean weekly rents are going up, and demand is typically higher in January.

I’ve rented for 24 years, always with a cat on the lease, never lost a bond, never been late with my rent – and don’t expect maintenance. Of the six rentals I’ve lived in, two have been absolute gems (I refuse to count the house I picked up and returned the keys for on the same day because I opened up a kitchen cupboard and three large rats with attitude glared me down over a funky potato).

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Citizen scientists and bee populations

pest control news januaryImidacloprid – a type of neonicotinoid – changes the way that worker bees interact with the colony’s larvae: they become less social, stop nursing larvae, experience altered social and spatial dynamics within nests, and cease hive insulation construction.

A research team led by James Crall of Harvard University investigated the effects of imidacloprid using a robotic platform for continuous, multicolony monitoring of uniquely identified workers. Their research showed that the behaviours induced by imidacloprid lead to colony collapse.

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Legionella in care homes still poses a public health risk

pest control news januaryLegionnaires’ disease continues to pose a threat to public health in Essex.

In 2018, two cases involving Legionella outbreaks were resolved in court, the BUPA Care Home Case and the Tendring District Council Case.

Investigations revealed that the care home administrators, despite being aware of the presence of Legionella, did little to address the problem.

As a result of constituted negligence, the judge ordered that the care home paid fines and damages.

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Rats in Rome city hall

pest control news januaryCentral offices at Rome city hall have a problem with rats, according to an internal document seen by daily newspaper Il Messaggero.

The problem relates specifically to the accounting offices, in particular the auditor’s office, located in the heart of the Campidoglio, reports Il Messaggero.

The news follows a week in which Rome’s Barberini cinema was closed due to rats; a video was shared in the international press of rats swarming across a pavement outside Cipro metro station (see below); and parents called for the closure of a school in the north Rome district of Prati Fiscali after two dead rats were found in the toilets.

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