Radio WM Live Interview With Alan Read Of AMES Birmingham City Council Handle 30,000 Call Outs To Rat Infestations In 2 Years

Radio WM Presenter Adrian Goldberg:

“We heard Pete Morgan talk about this on Breakfast, the news that Birmingham City council has had to tackle 30,000 call outs to tackle rat infestations over the last 2 years. Are there more rats about than there used to be, there were giant rats in Cannock last year, weren’t there…I remember that story. I am going to speak to Alan Read, he’s a pest controller from Altek Midlands Environmental Services in Birmingham. Hello Alan”

Alan Read: Good morning Adrian…

AG: I’m slightly queasy at the prospect of 30,000 rats in the last 2 years, I’m not sure if I’ve had rats or mice in my house over last year or so, I’ve had one or the other, is it a growing problem?

AR: I think the weather has unfortunately been a really big factor this year, obviously in terms of this coming into the news about there being rats in Birmingham this year. They’ve always been there but I think there are certain elements, the weather, rising flood levels, the drains and then of course the takeaways as well.

AG: “Talk about the rising flood levels then Alan, why does that cause infestation?”

AR: What you get with colonies of rats, they live in the sewers, people know the great fact that they are never more than 10 feet from a rat because the sewers are a great harbourage for them. They live in the sewers, may be half way up the sewers in broken down areas where may be the bricks have come away. They will be nesting in those areas. It has been a very productive type of nesting area for them.

Because usually in the summer they have a greater amount of nesting in the sewers typically, because of the flood waters there is no home, so they are literally coming out of the drains to then look for other harbourages, back gardens, commercial properties or anywhere really where they can survive”.

AG: Urrrgghhh! Alan lovely to speak to you, thanks for joining us, that’s Alan Read, he’s a pest controller of Altek Midlands Environmental Services in Birmingham. Is the rat problem becoming worse? We had some unwelcome visitors in our house a couple of years ago, I never quite managed to nail down whether they were rats or mice but one of them did gnaw through my bag and ate not only the chocolate bunny that I had been bought but also the plastic casing as well. If you’ve seen a rat give us a call on …”