Prosecutors investigate two deaths after pigeon droppings infection

Prosecutors investigate two deaths after pigeon droppings infection

pest control news februaryScottish prosecutors are investigating the deaths of two patients, a 10-year-old boy and a 73-year-old woman, who contracted an infection connected to pigeon droppings at Queen Elizabeth University hospital in Glasgow.

The Crown Office confirmed it was investigating the deaths at the hospital, as Holyrood’s health committee was urged to begin its own inquiry into claims that infections were spreading at the £842m facility as though in “Victorian times”.

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Hawks could be introduced to high street to tackle pigeon problem

pest control news februaryHawks could soon become a familiar sight on a town centre street, as councillors search for a way to reduce hazardous pigeon droppings.

One suggestion to reduce the large pigeon population in Diss involves flying hawks onto buildings to discourage the birds from roosting.

A spokesman for nearby pest control company Dealey Bird Control and Falconry, told the council: “I see the pigeons making a mess of the high street and heritage triangle which I feel is a great shame to what could be a lovely looking town, but I would like to help with making it a nicer place and have the tools available to me to do this.”

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Mould, mice and mess: how to handle nightmare student housing

pest control news februaryAt Marina Stanimirovic’s seven-bed student house in Clapton, East London, shared living spaces had been turned into bedrooms, walls were damp and there were mushrooms growing from the corners of the floor. Stanimirovic was studying for a master’s at the Royal College of Art.

She had moved from Paris and found the room on Gumtree for £600 per month, cash in hand. She says she was exploited. “Living in a small room is one thing, but living in a disgusting space is different. I was too naive to see how awful it was and very vulnerable as the landlady could kick us out anytime.”

The Guardian reports the full story.

Bed bugs: Could YOU have them in your home? Four signs of an infestation to watch out for

pest control news februaryBED BUGS live in beds and surrounding furniture in houses, hotels and other places of accommodation. They can be brought into your home if you’ve picked them up while on holiday or staying in someone else’s house. But how do you know if you have bed bugs in your house? There are four main ways to tell.

Bed bugs are small biting insects that crawl out at night and bite exposed skin to feed on blood. As they are small, they can hide well in cracks and crevices in bedroom furniture, making them difficult to spot. Bed bugs spread rapidly and an infestation can be a nightmare to deal with, so if you have them in your home you may have to call in pest control to get rid of them. But how do you know if you have a bed bug infestation in your home? There are four main ways to identify an infestation.

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