Plague of rats forces homeowner to turn rodent catcher after back garden is overrun

Plague of rats forces homeowner to turn rodent catcher after back garden is overrun

pest news novemberA Teesside man has been forced to turn rat catcher in a bid to try to stop rodents over running his garden.

David Ellis, who lives in College Road, Middlesbrough, says he has been forced to trap two of the pests himself after receiving no response from council pest controllers.

You can read the full story over at Teeside Live here.

Ipswich port postpones pigeon cull after outcry

pest news novemberA port operator has said it will postpone its plans to shoot pigeons after an outcry over the proposed cull.

Associated British Ports (ABP) had told residents living near the Waterfront, Ipswich, that it would carry out the action on Sunday.

It had raised concerns that the birds around its grain stores were a danger to the food supply chain.

But after a petition, which gathered 3,000 signatures, ABP has now suspended the cull.

For more information on the cull, head over to BBC here.

Waterloo station hawk to stop ‘sandwich thieving pigeons’

pest news novemberA hawk is to patrol the UK’s busiest train station in a bid to stop pigeons pinching passengers’ food.

Commuters at Waterloo have complained about the avian pests swooping on their sandwiches and causing a mess, Network Rail said.

It has recruited veteran vermin repeller Aria, five, to patrol in twice-weekly two-hour shifts.

The Harris hawk has previously defended King’s Cross station and the Treasury from the winged menace.

For more information on how the hawk will help stop the pigeon problem, click here.

Cockroach infestation in Redcliffe council flat sparks health concerns

pest control novemberA high-rise block owned by Bristol City Council has become infested with cockroaches, claims one of the the residents battling with the pests.

Patricia O’Neill, who lives on the fifth floor of Yeamans House, Redcliffe, first spotted the critters in her home several weeks ago, and claims that a number of other flats in the block have been affected too.

The cockroaches have also reportedly been spotted in the communal laundry room, which serves more than 100 flats in the block, raising fears that the infestation could have spread to many more homes.

You can continue reading the full article over at Bristol Live.



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