Pigeon Traps: What You Need to Know

What is a Pigeon Trap?

pigeon trapA pigeon trap is a caged contraption that lures and traps pigeons using bait and is an effective means of bird population control. Once the pigeon is successfully trapped, you will need to relocate it far away from the premises. Pigeon cages are capable of trapping multiple pigeons at one time but it’s important to return and check on the trap so that you can relocate and release them before they become agitated.

Why are Pigeons a Problem?

Pigeons bring a few problems to the table, in particular, their excrement, the diseases and bacteria they carry and their growing population. Pigeons are not an aggressive bird species, it’s just their sheer number that causes problems and this makes them very difficult to control. Some areas across the UK have even began to ban feeding pigeons because of the damage they cause.

AMES does appreciate that pigeons are a problem and we provide several pigeon control methods to help control their populations and deter them from returning to your property.

What Pigeon Traps are Available?

pigeon trapThere are several different pigeon traps on the market. The vast majority of pigeon traps follow the same design: large cages with one-way doors that shut and trap the pigeons. It’s strongly advised that if you are buying a pigeon trap, find one that’s humane.

Not only is it unpleasant removing and disposing of the dead pigeon but if the pigeon is left in the open for too long, it can attract other pests such as mice, rats and foxes. Inhumane pigeon traps cause more problems than humane traps and could make your pest problem significantly worse.

Do Pigeon Traps Work?

pigeon trapPigeons are notoriously difficult pests to deal with, for many reasons. The first is that there are so many of them, and trapping can take time and may not always be successful if you’re not using the right equipment or using a trusted pest control agency.

Second, pigeons have an in-built homing system, which can make them incredibly difficult to relocate, especially if they have already nested in the area. Ensuring successful pigeon removal takes time, patience and a bit of luck. Through a structured programme, trapping has the potential to remove up to 70% of the pigeon community. Which can take upwards of 18 months to recover.

This may take more than a few attempts, but consistent trapping, removal and relocating should see pigeon numbers drop, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to remove the dominant pigeons during the first few attempts.

Trapping isn’t just about removing several pigeons from an area and relocating them, it’s about creating what’s known as a ‘disorientation effect’ within the pigeon community. Removing dominant pigeons from their community startles and confuses the other pigeons, making them more likely to disperse and nest elsewhere.

Pigeon Traps UK

pigeon trapAMES offers bespoke pigeon trapping within the UK, only employing discrete and humane trapping techniques. Our trapping process begins by carrying out a site survey to get a better idea of how many pigeons are nesting within the vicinity, then assessing how many traps need to be laid. The locations that we lay the traps are always safe, secure and discrete.

Bait is then used to lure the birds into the trapping areas, and over time, they will trust this site as a food source. Once birds start to feed her regularly, trapping begins.

Although the traps are not monitored 24/7, they are visited regularly to ensure the pigeons have not harmed themselves and they’re not under any real distress. The trapped pigeons are then removed and relocated away from the site and trapping levels continue to be monitored to ensure all pigeons are removed.

We Offer Humane Pigeon Traps

pigeon trapsAMES only offers humane trapping methods. While there are rare occasions where shooting may be required, this is usually a last resort, and we only promote the use of non-lethal pest control measures. This is because there are times where pigeons nest in places high up that could compromise health and safety measures (such as nesting high upon hospital or medical centres).

Pigeons carry a host of diseases, and while we do prefer to trap and relocate, we can provide trained marksmen to control pigeon populations when necessary.

Are there Other Pigeon Control Methods?

There is a variety of pigeon deterrents on the market, each designed for a specific pigeon control purpose. Some methods include pigeon spikes, netting, scarers and bio-acoustic systems. AMES provides the above bird control methods and will install them.

For more information on how our pigeon traps and deterrents can help keep your property safe and pigeon-free, contact us today via our contact form.



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