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If you have a problem with pests and you are a resident or run a commercial business in Smethwick, then Ames Group are the pest control company you should call first.


Because Ames Group Ltd have a rich history of dealing with pests in Smethwick. We have our head office in Birmingham, so you can say we’re a pest control company in Birmingham, but we cover a 100 mile radius or Birmingham and are frequently called out to pest control jobs in Smethwick.

AMES Group: A Pest Control Company Local to Smethwick

Smethwick may only be a small town in the Midlands, but to us it’s like part of the family. We’ve carried out many pest control assignments in Smethwick and have lots of happy customers in the area. Although the town only has a population of around 14,000 people, they all have to deal with pests in the same way as any major city. Our pest control service covers the whole range of pests including:

Rats Infestations:

Pest control Smethwick: RatsRats are among the most notorious pests and are a common sight in our gardens and our businesses. There are nearly a dozen diseases directly linked to rats so they are one of the most dangerous. Most urban areas battle rat infestations.

Wasp and Bees Nest Removals:

Pest control Smethwick: Wasp nest removalWasp and bees nests are especially prevalent between spring and autumn and this is the busiest time for our wasp and bees nest removal service. It’s important if you find a wasp nest in your attic or somewhere you could be harmed to contact a professional rather than try to tackle it yourself. Wasps can be vicious when under threat and may attack causing painful stings.

Cockroach Infestations:

Cockroach problems in SmethwickCockroaches are a disgusting pest and have been known to cause infestations in the Smethwick area. We have dedicated staff trained to deal with and effectively remove cockroach infestations. Call us today if you have or suspect you have a problem with cockroaches.

Flea Infestations:

Flea control SmethwickFleas are extremely common especially in households where there have or have been pets. Fleas are a horrible pests and can be hard to remove. They can bite and cause skin irritations so it’s important to take action as soon as you suspect an issue with fleas. We have trained professionals that can deal with issues swiftly and effectively, so if you have any problems with fleas in you’re property feel free to contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Bedbug Infestations:

Bed bug problems in SmethwickBedbugs are one of the worst type of pests as they can feed on your blood without you even realising it. Over 95% of single family homes are reported to have issues with bedbugs, so it’s a problem that is not only relevant to Smethwick but to the whole nation.  Bed bugs have to be treated differently from other bugs such as cockroaches as sticky traps won’t work. There could be thousands of bed bugs in one room without any being caught on a sticky trap. So it’s important you contact an experienced pest control if you suspect you have an issue with bed bugs.

Pigeons and Seagulls:

Bird control in SmethwickOf all the nuisance birds pigeons and seagulls must be the worst offenders. If you have a problem with pigeons, not only are they unsightly and unhygienic, but also can cause risks to health due to their excrement. We have a number of means to solve your problem with birds whether it be in a commercial or residential property. Contact us today to find out more about our bird control service.

Why Choose Ames Group For Your Pest Control Service in Smethwick?

We have been fixing pest problems for customers in Smethwick for nearly 30 years so are the perfect pest control company to handle your concerns. Having a problem with pests can be stressful to handle so it’s important you hire a pest control company who have all the necessary experience to tackle even the hardiest pests.

We have dedicated teams that are trained to eradicate any type of pest whether it be bedbugs or seagulls. We place a huge emphasis on hygiene so not only will be get rid of any unwanted pests but we are in the perfect position to advise on how you can prevent any reoccurring issues.

AMES operates a policy of complete transparency with their public and private sector clients. Our pest control services remain cost-effectiveness due to the co-ordination of call-out work through Tom Tom Works Vehicle logistics systems. This enables us to allocate a pest control expert rapidly, and in a way that puts our client first. It also saves unnecessary use of resources, fuel and emissions which is in line with the AMES Group environmental policy.

About Smethwick

Smethwick is a relatively small town, historically based in Staffordshire but now a part of the West Midlands. It only has a population of around 14,000 people but is still an important part of our catchment area around Birmingham. The name of Smethwick is derived from Smith Work, which is basically a town where Smiths work. Hence it has a rich tradition of engineering and actually has the world’s oldest working engine, made by Boulton and Watt. As with all towns in the UK, when you look closer you’ll see an interesting history and Smethwick make up a small part of the rich tapestry of our nation.

We have solved pest problems for both private residents and commercial businesses in the Smethwick area for many years, and we hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

Contact Ames Group For All Pest Control Services in Smethwick

If you have any issues at all with pests and you live in the Smethwick area then contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. We have highly skilled pest control experts who can be on your property and deal with your problem swiftly and effectively. Our rates are highly competitive and we have almost 30 years experience of dealing with pest problems in the West Midlands area. Call or email us today and we will have your pest problem fixed in no time at all.



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