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Here at AMES, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle any pest concern that you may have. As you may be aware we’re a the leading pest specialists in Birmingham and we also offer our services in the West Brom area.

From the smallest of insects nesting within your property, to the largest of rodents disturbing your day-to-day life, there is no job too big or small for AMES.

At AMES, we firmly believe that an ounce of prevention is with a pound of a cure. Sourcing the root of a pest problem and solving it is a far better solution than casting a temporary cure, meaning the pests and/or problem may eventually return.

We have the privilege of working and operating within many interesting and wonderful places throughout the UK, though specifically around Birmingham.

Pest Control in West Brom

Pest control West Brom: RatFinding pests in-and-around your property or workplace can not only be stressful, but can negatively effect your business or work environment.

Our West Brom pest control team (not to be confused with the football team) covers a range of specialties, including field biologists, bird specialists, rodent eradication teams and almost anything in-between are on-hand to deal with any
pest problem in a quick, simple and efficient manner.

Our promises:
  • Fast service – targeting the root of the pest problem and ensuring they do not return
  • Advice on further prevention – informing our customers on the best course of action to prevent pests from returning
  • Certified staff – all of our staff are trained to the highest standard and are able to deal with any circumstance

Our Service in West Bromwich

Pest control West Brom: SupportLocated in the West Midlands (historically in Staffordshire) it is known as the Black Country, 5 miles northwest of Birmingham, and homes roughly 75,000 – according to the 2011 census.

Rodents naturally litter the area of West Brom, due to the industrial city centre. Littering in any city is a major problem, not only for the environment, but because it attracts rodents and West Brom is not excused from this. Rodents will eat almost anything, from contents of rubbish to discarded left-overs. Parks are also the perfect residential habitat for rodents due to the flurry of nuts, seeds and fruits they often provide.

If you’ve seen any rodents around West Brom, do not hesitate to get in touch with our pest control team(s). The most effective way to rid your property/area of rodents is by contacting our professional team.

The Areas We Cover

Pest control West Brom: mapThe West Brom branch of AMES covers these selected areas:

  • Duddeston
  • Perry Common
  • Tipton
  • Dudley
  • Minworth
  • Marston Green
  • Little Aston
  • Quinton
  • Bordesley Green
  • Wishaw
  • Pool Green
  • Aldridge
  • Water Orton
  • Walsall
  • Caldmore

If your area is not featured in this list, do not hesitate to call, our team will do their utmost to ensure they’re able to help.

Our Expertise Within West Brom

Our team work tirelessly in order to keep the streets and countrysides of West Brom under control. We ensure that our professional services are able to reach everyone in West Brom, from businesses to home inquiries. Pigeons are a main concern is West Brom, and our bird specialists are on call to provide customers with the necessary tools and prevention methods to tackle these scandalous birds.

Our work ensures that no matter how big or small the pest problem, we’ll be there to confront it and eradicate it.

We Know Our Stuff

KnowledgeOur pest control team in West Brom maintain memberships to several professional associations as well as being recognised and accredited by leading trade organisations.


An Enriched History

west bromWorking in West Brom has encouraged us to do a bit of digging in regards to their history. West Brom was previously known for their town’s rapid industrialisation, with industries such as gun, spring and nail making developing being at the forefront of development.

Well before the turn of the 19th century, West Brom had established itself as a prominent area to match their older neighbours, Dudley and Walsall.

West Brom’s Intriguing Features

West Bromwich Albion FC

west bromIt’s common knowledge that West Brom is most commonly known for its football club. The club was founded back in 1878 and a year later is became one of the twelve founder members of the Football League.

Winning the league championship in 1920 and winning the FA Cup a total of 5 times in 1968 mark their most famous accolades. Their current home ground, The Hawthorns, is the highest football ground above sea level in the country.

Engineering for change

west bromAside from football, the town’s engineering and chemicals are very important to the town’s economy, previously playing a crucial part during the industrial revolution. The city still proudly retains many manufacturing jobs to this day, despite a nationwide decline since the 1970s.

The Town Hall

west bromWest Brom’s Town
Hall in the centre of the High Street is listed as a Grade II building.  Built during 1874 – 1875 out of brick and stone following an Italian Gothic design, it’s interior superbly reflects the Victorian interest in Gothic and Medieval architecture. The Grand Organ (found inside) created in 1862 is a popular tourist and musical attraction due to its historical rigour and musical technicalities.

Jumping forward somewhat, the Public Arts Centre (designed by Will Aslop) was opened in 2009. It was met with huge success, and by 2013, the centre was attracting almost 400,000 visitors a year and also brought leading international artists to the town. Though, it was met with some problems prior to its opening. In May 2013, Sandwell council were considering borrowing a large amount of money to re-purpose the £70 million building in order to re-shape it into a sixth form centre to compliment the new Central Campus in the centre of town.

Contact Us

For any further inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone, email, or you can even write to us.

We look forward to hearing from you.




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